4 Things the Modern Brand Needs & How Management Software Helps You


You provide a necessary service. There will always be someone that needs you and calls you, right?
How sure are you about that? And shouldn’t you be THE company in town to contact for that specific service instead of picking up odd jobs here and there?
You’ve probably experienced that competition only increases as more and more entrepreneurs create start ups. And yes, they can become more successful than you:

  • The young generation knows how to use tech to their benefit
  • They push their capital into state of the art equipment while you still use outdated ones
  • Consumers often try new brands when they’ve been disappointed by existing service providers in the past

So how do you become the brand everyone wants to book?

Let Software Boost Your Brand

Is Your Brand Social?
No longer can you perform your daily tasks thinking it’s enough to let the customers roll in through your door or call you for service. It’s a whole new game thanks to technology.
The modern consumer expects interaction. Platforms like Facebook and advanced communication systems allow people to be social 24/7 & they expect brands they support to do the same. If they need to talk about a problem you better have an online customer service feature or they’ll move to a competitor who does.
Here’s the hard truth: Without social media activity some consumers may accept you don’t exist or have closed your doors to business.
So how can software help you manage this?
Modern field service management systems can include client communication features. This puts your customers in 24/7 contact with you so they don’t feel disconnected.
When you’re known as the accessible brand that has time for its clients you’ll become the favorite.

What Values Do You Stand For?
Brand is not only about making your logo, colors and vehicles famous in your community. Consumers can’t trust a color but they can trust the values they stand for. And branding is all about creating trust and communicating these values.
Here are a few values relevant to field service:

  • Punctuality
  • Customers’ time matter
  • Quality workmanship

Now you have two groups of people you need to communicate this to:

  • Your employees who need to live by these values so they’re not only words on your marketing material. But it’s not only about believing it’s a great value but making values actionable. If punctuality is a value you must help your workers to always be on time.
  • Your clients who experience these values each time they interact with managers or field workers. You can talk a lot about your values but the only way clients will believe them is when they’re turned into actions.

Once again technology comes to your rescue because software empowers you and your team to act accordingly with less effort than before.
When schedules are easier to manage and it’s quick to see who is available for a new job your clients will spend less time waiting for the team to arrive. Having access to clients’ information about previous work enables workers to make better decisions.
Make a list of what you want your company to be known for. Now start looking for ways a management system can help you achieve it. You’ll be amazed.

Does Your Brand Look After Its Employees?
Does it matter what people think of how you treat your employees? Absolutely. Consumers prefer doing business with companies they can trust and reports about how happy your employees are can affect their perception.
And let’s be clear on this: Wrongful treatment relates to many aspects of the work day:

  • Salary disputes
  • Unrealistic expectations
  • Allowing field workers to feel disconnected from the company
  • Not empowering them to perform their tasks

How your employees experience their days depends on many factors and you can prevent problems instantly with modern field service management software:

  • When work hours are logged automatically you’ll have fewer workers getting paid the wrong amount.
  • Stress is a main reason why people don’t enjoy their work. If you can alleviate tension by creating a more organized day with attainable goals you’ll have a happier work force. This can easily happen when management software helps you manage workers’ schedules effectively.
  • When your workers have effortless access to you or other colleagues on a software platform they’ll feel less isolated.
  • Providing client information enables them to provide higher quality workmanship because they can make informed decisions.

All of this also leads to a lower employee turnover rate because more workers will value their positions with your company.
Remember your competitors will know about everything that happens in your niche. They have their ears to the ground to gather information to discredit you. If you often lose employees it won’t benefit your brand reputation so creating a positive work environment is essential in terms of public opinion.

Partnering With the Best is Key
Here’s another thing that determines how consumers perceive you: Who do you associate with?
You can become respected by association but then you need to partner with the best. Why not be the company that other businesses want to connect with? You’ll become this if it’s beneficial to the other party.
Once again software can come to your rescue because modern software allows you to also communicate with partners—such as outsourcing tasks—on an online platform. This means organized work allocation rather than chaos and effortless real time feedback rather than multiple phone calls every day.
Can you see your brand’s reputation growing?

Be THE Unique Experience in Town

So are you done with being just adequate? The branding game changed when the internet and technology created many ways of sharing information about your company. Your challenge is to look past the challenges of having more competition and realizing you can become THE competition.

About the Author:


Povilas V. Dudonis is a serial entrepreneur and likes to dig deep into methods and processes of business operations to find ways to reach maximum performance