Serfy helps make your
maintenance team
more cost-efficient

Assign jobs, track issues, and interact with
clients in real time – from one, organised


Managing tasks in the field is a struggle. Serfy simplifies things.

As a maintenance professional, you have a lot on your plate. Juggling tasks, coordinating field agents, and meeting client expectations consumes hours out of your day. Serfy offers you a comprehensive field service software solution. You can create, assign and track tasks, communicate with clients, and digitise your paperwork – all from one, user-friendly application.

Never run past a deadline again

Who’s doing what? When is it due? With Serfy, turn customer reports into tasks and assign them to field agents in seconds. Manage tasks in real time by keeping track of your jobs in one window.


Keep in touch with your field agents

With multiple employees in the field, micro-managing them is stressful and time-consuming. Allocate jobs to your agents and receive reports in real time, keeping you one step ahead.

Keep in touch with your field agents

Communicate with clients in real time

Clients can effortlessly report issues via Serfy. You can automate task assignments or quickly assign tasks and meet their needs. We help you cultivate better relationships with the people who matter most to your business.

respond to client needs in real time

Stay on top of your data and paperwork

How many hours do you spend handling emails, receipts and paperwork? With Serfy, everything is digitised. Collect valuable data in an instant with our powerful reporting feature, saving time and money.

Stay on top of your data and paperwork

See what our clients had to say

“Serfy has improved the software and taken into account our special needs. All issues are resolved professionally by the Serfy support. The software is intuitive and easy to use. Serfy enables effective communication and is a good tool for client relationship management.”
SOL Baltics

“It took a while to change our habits of chaotic service ordering by calling or sending emails to ordering services in Serfy platform. Now I always know what is happening to tasks I’ve created for service providers and when everything will be done. Finally, I’m getting reports and can analyze if service providers are keeping their SLA promises.”
Pelno Linija

“Serfy is simple and intuitive and was adopted quickly, even by eldest members. Client satisfaction increased by sharing the Serfy mobile app since they know what is happening to their services instantly. I wouldn’t recommend Serfy only because I wouldn’t like my competitors to use it since it is one of my competitive advantages.“

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Field Service Management Software Serfy in detail

Simplify service team management. Track work. Engage with clients. One app does it all.

Serfy—A Field Service Management System that Benefits All Aspects of Your Business
Do you think it’s possible that field work managers can experience less frustration and enjoy more positive results? We know it’s possible when you harness the power of modern technology for you and your team.

What is Serfy?
Serfy is a management platform you can access via computers in the office or on a mobile app you download to phones such as Android devices. On this platform you can keep job information and view schedules. Both managers and workers can add or edit the information and other parties will see these changes.
Serfy is a field service management software program designed to help managers and their workers improve efficacy. Here’s how one software program linked to an application can solve the problems you’ve been struggling with up until now.
It’s all about to change.

Solve Your Management Challenges
Serfy was designed specifically to help managers and field agents. This focus means every feature we offer you will be relevant to your work day experiences. This software wasn’t adjusted to help managers. It was written specifically for managers.
The capabilities of this platform counter and solve most of the challenges managers & their workers face each day.

Manage Effectively
You don’t have to settle for your current work strain. There’s an easier way if you partner with Serfy’s field service management technology.
With field service management your challenge is keeping up to date on a number of teams and workers. It’s almost impossible to stay informed when you use manual methods such as emailing or via phone calls. These scenarios require you to micro manage to keep informed. However, such a management system is stressful and curbs productivity because it’s time consuming for both managers & workers.
With Serfy’s field service management tools at your disposal you’ll have fewer scheduling challenges because you have a comprehensive view of your teams’ whereabouts and activities. As a manager you’ll have these benefits:

  • You won’t struggle to get work updates because you can view everything on the app
  • There will be less conflict to manage because there will be fewer misunderstandings
  • It will be easier to maintain client satisfaction because you can keep them updated easily and you’ll have information on hand when they contact you

Enhance Communication
Good communication is the key to excellent management and this tool instantly creates effective lines of communication:

  • Everything managers want team members to know will appear on the app
  • Instead of being frustrated because a worker isn’t answering their mobile phone you can simply get work statuses online
  • You can communicate with customers about timelines, schedules and work status
  • Receive customers’ feedback so you can take action when necessary

Build an Effective Team
Companies in the field service industry are only as good as their site workers are. You probably spend hours trying to keep everyone up to date on what the day’s work requires. In addition your teams need to provide updates so you know whether it’s all still on track.
What about placing all that information on an online platform?
Serfy’s field service management software is easily accessible from computers or mobile devices as soon as it’s downloaded. You and your team can add information to the platform instead of making lengthy phone calls or sending long emails. Any changes to the schedule or updates to work statuses can instantly be seen by relevant parties.
Your team will be more effective because they’re empowered with up to date information. They’ll also increase productivity when this workflow minimizes admin and creates a better working environment.

Save Time
What do you waste the most time on each day? With Serfy your need for phone calls, emails and texts with your team members will disappear because all the information you require can be viewed online. So you’ll save time at the office.
There won’t be any need for logging hours or submitting job reports because Serfy will already have all the necessary information after workers upload feedback. That means your teams will spend less time doing paperwork and providing reports so they’ll get more work done on site.
How much time do you spend with your clients on the phone each day? Let’s limit the time you waste on calls by adding your customers to your Serfy online platform. They can share feedback and you can reply effectively, empowered by the information on the system.

Easily Organize Schedules
Don’t you want an easier way to organise your teams’ schedules? With Serfy you’ll always know:

  • Which team is where
  • Who is busy with which tasks
  • When work is due
  • What the status of each job is

The platform combines all your work into one schedule. Now you have a comprehensive view of the work by simply glancing at your computer or mobile screen. Enjoy the benefits of fewer double bookings and less time wasted on determining who is available for that next job.

Benefit Your Budget
Everything you do must benefit your bottom line, right?
You’ll see this happen when you start using Serfy because:

  • When you’re more organised and you waste less time on menial activities, you get more work done. With Serfy streamlining your business you’ll generate more income because you can tend to more clients’ requests on a daily basis.
  • Data related to time tracking, receipts and job tickets will be more accurate than before because everything is digitised. With fewer human errors you’ll only make accurate payments and invoicing will happen on time.
  • There is less chance of workers manipulating a paper free system. All work hours will be digitally tracked and logged so you’ll only pay for work that has been done.
  • When you impress clients with efficiency you’ll draw clients through word of mouth so you’ll spend less on marketing.
  • This efficient system turns consumers into loyal clients. Repeat business generates more revenue and with SLAs in place it could mean regular income.

One of the benefits of Serfy is that it impacts your profit margin. Your ROI will be well worth it. Try out our ‘Calculate ROI’ feature if you need some proof.


Impress Clients
The modern consumer in the UK and worldwide wants to be informed 24/7. That’s the need the internet created because information is now accessible at any time of the day. Consumers also want fast feedback and service. Can your company deliver all of this at the moment?
Serfy makes it possible. This is how it’s done:

  • Invite your clients to provide comments about concerns or finished work, via the app.
  • Handle queries and complaints online instead of having long conversations on the phone. This process saves you time and with all the information on hand you can supply them with updated feedback.
  • Their requests or concerns can easily be turned into job tickets so your team knows to tend to it as soon as possible.
  • You can keep them updated about the work and your team’s schedule so they know when to expect your workers. When clients stay informed they feel respected and will reward you with their continued support.
  • Their requests can be tended to faster when your management is more organized thanks to Serfy.
  • You’ll see more cost efficiency when field service scheduling software makes your team more dynamic.

Measure and Reach KPIs
You can’t improve your business if you can’t measure performance. The first benefit of using a digitized system is that you have data available to measure and track your functioning.
Determine KPIs and use the data captured with Serfy’s technology to determine if you reach these goals:

  • How high is your client profitability? Do you need solutions to spend less time on certain time consuming clients to improve profit margins?
  • Can you increase turn around time?
  • How many hours do your workers invest in their work?
  • Who are the hard workers and who needs to take some leave?

Enjoy Effortless Admin
Administration can rob managers and workers of a lot of time. Serfy helps you digitize and automate these processes so you have less paperwork to do and record keeping happens instantly.
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Become a Market Leader by Using the Right Software
Today’s field service industry is highly competitive. Do you want to beat your competition? Then you need to impress the market with giving the best quality in all areas of functioning:

  • Workmanship
  • Efficiency
  • Punctuality
  • Professionalism
  • Customer care
  • The technology and processes you use to deliver products & services

The Serfy platform helps you stay ahead of your competitors in all these areas. You’ll gain respect from customers and your peers because your service delivery will improve instantly.
The software provides you with a range of functions that transform:

  • How your team works
  • How effective they are in what they do
  • How you engage with your customers
  • How you can measure efficacy to improve functionality further

The Functions You Need
Here’s what the program will add to your daily functioning:

  1. Task Management via a Mobile Application

Distribute tasks to your team members via the platform so you can all view it on your mobile devices. Allow the team to add information so everybody will stay up to date. There will be clarity on expectations and information stays easily available:

  • New tasks
  • Work status updates
  • Client information
  • Time tracking
  • Work schedules

You don’t have to use printed job tickets, reports and time sheets anymore. Everything is captured on the app so you don’t have to consult with each other all the time. This makes your administration easier and more accurate. There is less chance of details getting lost and it prevents misunderstandings.
Your clients’ feedback can automatically be turned into job tickets so you’ll never lose information or forget what needs to be done. Everything is kept on one platform and can be accessed instantly.

  1. Track Time Accurately with Technology

Tracking time and logging hours have never been this easy. No more paperwork because this software will handle everything on your and your workers’ behalf. Everyone can focus on their work instead of wasting time with paperwork.
The data on Serfy will always be up to date since it syncs in real time. Data entry—progress, status and workloads—from managers or field workers will immediately appear on the system so reports are always accurate without you even consulting a worker in person.

  1. Engage with Clients

You’re not limited to communication with your team members. You can use the app to get clients’ feedback and to keep them up to date with scheduling. Clients can report problems too. Today’s consumers are used to have easy access to information. You set yourself apart from the competition when you accommodate your clients in this manner. This is how once off clients turn into long term supporters.

  1. Outsourcing Made Easy

Even your outsource partners can become part of your Serfy managed network. You can delegate work to them via the software instead of wasting time on phone calls or paperwork. Their statuses will appear on the system so you have updated reports at the click of a button.
With Serfy your days will have less paperwork, more order and updated information whenever you need it.

What Businesses will Benefit from These Tools?

These features can transform UK and global business in a vast array of industries. You can manage workers on your premises or ones that represent your company on sites elsewhere. This makes the Serfy platform relevant to many industries:

  • Engineering companies
  • Service provision entities
  • Utility companies
  • Construction teams
  • Mobile health care workers
  • Telecommunication companies sending out technicians
  • Small businesses that need simple ways to track workers’ activities
  • Courier companies
  • Social workers
  • Maintenance and repair teams in a variety of industries
  • Property managers


Why Must this Be at the Top of Your Priority List?

Are you in line with what the modern service industry requires? When you lag behind your competitors you’ll lose clientele. To stay ahead of the pack in the UK you must use technology. If you don’t you’ll soon see how it benefits your opponents in the market.
Technology is impacting all areas of service delivery. The only way to stay ahead of competitors is to embrace the benefits technology provides and use the tools it offers. Be the one leading the market and showing others how it’s done.

Five Quick Benefits

Field service ticket software is the key on how to set up an effective company. Here’s why:

  • Increased control
  • Happy customers
  • Streamlined assignment procedures
  • Have real time feedback available 24/7
  • No more paperwork

If you’re longing to get better reviews from clients this has all the potential to create the solutions you and your customers want.

Keep and Build Your Clientele
Serfy can help you perform tasks better and help you impress your customers in all the important areas of functionality:

  • Make response times on their enquiries short
  • Let your workers be punctual because they waste less time on admin and you keep clients informed about arrival times
  • Help workers provide quality workmanship because the Serfy app provides them with all the information they require to make informed decisions on site
  • Allow customers to give feedback so you can continually improve your level of service

The Functions You’ll Love

Which features make this different to many other products you’ve considered? Here’s what you’re missing out on.

Online Functionality
Your whole team can stay connected simply by using their phones with the mobile app. The software is designed to sync instantly the moment someone adds information or updates a status. No one has to waste time traveling to an office, making phone calls or waiting for information. Everything happens online.

Real Time Data
Because the sophisticated software keeps data synced 24/7 you’ll never have outdated reports. This puts you and your team in better steed with clients because you’ll always have relevant information at hand when they call. You’re able to plan better because you have an accurate representation of your teams’ functioning at all times.

Automated Features
The software handles tasks on your behalf that you usually had to attend to yourself. Do you often wish you have a little more time to get everything done? With less time used in managing teams you’ll have time to attend to other important matters.

Paperless System
Using paper is bad for the environment and not very accurate. A paper can easily get lost or create security risks if important information lands in the wrong hands. It’s also time consuming to capture data from paper onto your HR or software system.
Now all those challenges are circumvented because data, personal and client information will all be handled online. Serfy provides a secure system so your data is safe at all times.

User Friendly Structure
Are you worried about how difficult it is to implement Serfy and its tools? Don’t be. After a short adjustment period anyone in your team—no matter their technological competence—will be able to use this effectively. You’re provided with a user guide so you’ll know exactly how to set up the system.
But don’t take our word for it. Let’s hear reviews and opinions from our customers.

Why Customers Love Serfy

You know what your daily challenges are and we aim to stay relevant to our clients’ needs. That’s why you’ll find these features as part of the Serfy platform.

Easy Setup
A complicated system won’t be easily integrated into a team’s functioning. This platform is easy to understand and use by anyone.
Anyone with a Smartphone such as an Android device can download the software. Now they have access to the platform to view and edit information. Your workers keep up with news and social media updates. Why not use this tool for work as well?

Relevant Features
The features are relevant to what field managers and their teams experience daily. The challenges you face were used as inspiration so the tools are effective.

Customized Options
We understand that businesses and field service teams differ. That’s why you have customization options to ensure Serfy works for you too:

  • You can pick a package relevant to your size, budget and needs
  • We listen to our clients’ feedback and help implement features relevant to their requirements
  • The app can be downloaded onto most modern Smartphones such as Android devices so workers gain easy access

Read the reviews below if you’re still not sure how this will transform your functionality.

A Word from Our Clients

Serfy is a popular field service management system in eight different European countries. Here are some thoughts from some of our happy customers.
“Serfy has improved the software and taken into account our special needs. All issues are resolved professionally by the Serfy support. The software is intuitive and easy to use. Serfy enables effective communication and is a good tool for client relationship management.”
SOL Baltics
“It took a while to change our habits of chaotic service ordering by calling or sending emails to ordering services in Serfy platform. Now I always know what is happening to tasks I’ve created for service providers and when everything will be done. Finally, I’m getting reports and can analyze if service providers are keeping their SLA promises.
Pelno Linija
“Serfy is simple and intuitive and was adopted quickly, even by eldest members. Client satisfaction increased by sharing the Serfy mobile app since they know what is happening to their services instantly. I wouldn’t recommend Serfy only because I wouldn’t like my competitors to use it since it is one of my competitive advantages.“


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