How much could you save with Serfy?

Making your work processes more efficient saves valuable time, and time is money. Find out the ROI of using Serfy.

Cost of one employee per month (approx.)
Time saved monthly (per worker)
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Serfy could save you monthly…

Field service management software pricing

Field Service Providers


Up to 5 Users

Unlimited Buildings

Up to 5 Services

Standard Support

Field Service Providers


Up to 10 Users

Unlimited Buildings

Unlimited Services

Advanced Reporting and notifications + Automation + Custom Forms + Standard integrations

Field Service Providers


Up to 70 Users

Unlimited Buildings

Unlimited Services

Outsourcing + internal task management

Manage your essential maintenance processes with Serfy

Modern Issue tracking software

Field service and outsource management software


Issue and task management in one window

Get, create, manage all issues and tasks. Track workload and distribute tasks in seconds.

Real time tracking

Serfy syncs in real time. Task status notifications, data entry progress and field staff workload are always up to date.

Client management

Invite Your Customers to easily report issues. Get most important info. Adjust statuses and priorities to fit with your SLA.

Objects management

Efficiency is the priority here, manage users and templates related to the particular objects.

Data entry template tool

Digitize your paper acts. Create and manage data entry templates. To get collected info from your clients or field staff.

Task outsourcing

Delegate tasks to your outsource partners effortlessly. Track performance and task statuses.