Issue and task management in one window

Get, create, manage all issues and tasks. Track workload and distribute tasks in seconds.

Real time tracking

Serfy syncs in real time. Task status notifications, data entry progress and field staff workload are always up to date.

Client management

Invite Your Customers to easily report issues. Get most important info. Adjust statuses and priorities to fit with your SLA.

Objects management

Efficiency is the priority here, manage users and templates related to the particular objects.

Data entry template tool

Digitize your paper acts. Create and manage data entry templates. To get collected info from your clients or field staff.

Task outsourcing

Delegate tasks to your outsource partners effortlessly. Track performance and task statuses.

Manage your essential maintenance processes with Serfy

Modern Issue tracking software

Field service and outsource management software

Field service management software

How Can Serfy Improve Your Off Site Productivity?

Are you ready for a completely new way of doing business?


If you’re involved in field service management you know the challenges that face you on a daily basis. Have you considered using modern technology to make most of those problems disappear?

  • Job ticket software
  • Mobile apps
  • Online reporting

Yes, it’s true. Your days can be streamlined and both you & your team members can get more done every day. And who doesn’t want to keep clients happy? That’s all possible with the handy features you find as part of the Serfy software products.


Just have a look.



Want to know more? Let’s discuss how this product fulfils your business needs.


How Serfy Solves Site Management Challenges With Technology—Two Products

Serfy’s field service management software is used throughout the United Kingdom and the globe & we know our clients are all different. That’s why we make sure there are many different options to pick from and we show you how to set up to suit you. You can customise your Serfy experience according to your company’s needs.


Firstly you can use one or both of our software products.

Issue Tracking Software

Why use manual processes if modern technology can automate it for you? Our modern approach to tracking every job and issue of our business makes it easy to keep track of each small detail.


You know your clients contact you throughout the day to request new work or get progress reports. Do you want to stay on top of all these changes and requests effortlessly? Our online issue tracking software shows you exactly what’s going on and it’s easy to add new work to the schedule so you can track that too.


It’s a job ticket scheduling process made easier and made modern. This is how service provision companies should function in the 21st century.


Field Service and Outsource Management Software

As a manager you know your challenges don’t stop with issuing workers with job tickets. You need to manage a long list of responsibilities every day and you need to network with others in your niche.


That’s where our Field Service and Outsource Management Software provides you with excellent functionality:

  • Manage workers’ hours
  • Allocate work to companies you outsource work to
  • Communicate with workers, partners and clients after they download the mobile app
  • Upload, download, share and recall documents & images as needed
  • Provide workers with historical and relevant information to make them more effective on site
  • Know exactly where which team is so you know how to organise the day’s work

With field service management software you’re placed back in control of each situation.


Ready to try new solutions to your challenges?




The Features You Need

Below we’ll show you why this is the best way to enhance service delivery. Even if you operate in another industry you may find these features can transform how your team performs.


We know your investment in this system should have a positive effect on your short and long term goals. Here’s how the Serfy products will help you and other UK companies reach your targets.


Issue and Task Management in One Window

New technology can be overwhelming and time consuming if implementation is too complicated. We know you don’t want to waste time which is why we make it as quick and easy to get your information from the platform.


Everything you need to see in terms of issues, feedback, new tasks and team information can be viewed together in one window on your computer via the field service management service. You can customise the layout so it only contains what you need to see which makes it easier to draw conclusions and make decisions. No unnecessary information to distract you.


How Does it Work?

Each person using the Serfy platform can access it via a computer or a mobile device such as a Smartphone. Both managers and workers can view updated information and submit their own feedback or updates.


The Serfy platform can contain many different types of information but because managers and workers all have different roles & needs the layout of your window can be set up the way you want it.


How Does it Help You?

But why is this important? Because every second counts.


When you view all important and relevant information in one glance thanks to the field service management system you don’t waste time:

  • Getting distracted by unnecessary details.
  • Browsing through a long list of information by scrolling with your finger or using your computer mouse. Every movement you don’t have to make will save you a few seconds. At the end of the day this adds up to a lot of time saved which you can use to tend to other responsibilities.
  • When you manage multiple personnel, sites and clients you need to make fast decisions such as deciding which team to send to an emergency or to a new client. Doing this quickly but also efficiently is how you get as much work done as possible. You need to plan so teams spend less time on the road and more time on site. When you can see the necessary data at a glance you can make an informed, practical decision.

Managing teams is already complicated enough. Let technology and a mobile app give you easy solutions.


Real Time Tracking

But here’s the other requirement for making the right decisions: The information you base your decisions on must be the right, updated facts.


Gone are the days that you need to make a phone call or wait for an email to ascertain the progress on a site. Technology used in the Serfy software enables you to see real time updates so you can track progress and know exactly what the state of affairs are on all sites you manage.


How Does it Work?

Normally you would wait for an update or call a team member to find out how a certain job is going. This is especially necessary when clients start phoning you for updates.


The problems with the traditional system include:

  • When you need to assign new work you have to contact everyone to ascertain the best team to take on the job.
  • If clients ask for feedback you usually need to call them back since you don’t have real time updates.
  • The moment you receive a message or email from a worker it’s outdated because you don’t know what happened after the message was sent.
  • Managers tend to spend hours on the phone calling their subordinates simply to try and keep informed of how the day is going.
  • Clients often get frustrated with teams arriving on site later than promised. There’s no contact with the workers so clients can do nothing but wait for the team to arrive. Since the manager doesn’t always have updated information he or she can’t give an accurate time of arrival.

But now field service scheduling software enables a new method. Your workers can submit updates on the platform which you and everyone else can see. This can be information about arriving on site, updates about the work and when the job is finished. And what if there’s a problem? They simply post a note on the platform so everyone can see.


How Does it Help You?

The value you get through this is updated and accurate information. At any given time you can:

  • Answer a client’s questions about the job you’re being paid to do. Your information will be accurate since you can view real time feedback on the Serfy platform.
  • Make alternative plans when you see a team will take longer than originally expected.
  • Call with advice if there’s a problem or simply make changes to the schedule to accommodate for the disruption in the schedule.

Once again you’re empowered to make informed decisions based on the right information. You always seem in charge of the situation which is what your clients expect of you.


Client Management

Clients: That’s the group of people you need to keep impressed, right?


That’s why we didn’t limit the Serfy software to engagement with your workers. You know client satisfaction is essential if you want word of mouth to act in your favour.


These days consumers are spoiled for choice so the only way you’ll get someone to refer you is if you astound them with your level of service delivery in the UK. And what do clients really want? They want their voices heard.


The Serfy program allows you to communicate with your clients via a mobile app they download. They will never feel ignored again. Yes, they’ll take part in the engagement on the platform and in the end it benefits all parties.


How Does it Work?

You can activate features on the Serfy platform that allow clients to communicate with you via the software and application. Clients can:

  • Request work to be done which can be assigned to workers automatically
  • Submit complaints, feedback and questions to which you or a worker can respond

This they can do via Apple of Android phones after they download the mobile app.


In addition the online platform benefits you by storing client information so your workers can access relevant data when they arrive on site.


Client management encompasses everything that relates to your day’s engagement with a client which includes those ever important arrival times. Thanks to real time features mentioned above your clients will get accurate information about when the team will reach their premises. It’s all made possible via a mobile app suited for Android and most Smartphones.


Yes, it’s possible to make your clients smile like never before with this mobile app. This benefits them and you.


How Does it Help You?

With this program you’ll never again have to tell a client to wait while you check on a matter for them. You’ll have the latest news and information on hand.


But we thought that’s not good enough and that’s why we made clients part of the Serfy based discussions.


Why should your clients first speak to you if they can simply request work and report problems via field service management technology? It saves them time and it means there’s on less phone call you have to answer. This is especially handy for regular clients and keeping to SLA requirements.


Clients experience fast service delivery and never again will their requests get lost in the system. Everything is digitised so there’s no chance of an office worker losing a job card or a scribbled note. That benefits you by making more clients happy.


But not everyone is always so easy to please, right?


You may think clients love criticising you but actually they simply want to know their opinions matter. Asking them for reviews and feedback is an ideal way of managing this need which is why we built this into the Serfy software. Consumers are more likely to support companies that take them into account. This turns you into the preferred service provider in the area.


Clients can feel jilted if they don’t know what is being done regarding their complaints and they don’t want anyone else to experience the same problem. A simple complaint can quickly become a public discussion of your incompetence if you’re not careful. Since they’re paying for services consumers expect you to act on their requests.

Unfortunately, more often than not, a public discussion is the result of you simply not having the time or the knowledge on hand to give a proper reply.


With Serfy’s field service management tools you’ll always have information on hand so you can discuss the problem in detail. In addition you can reply via the platform so you don’t have to suffer through long phone conversations.


What does this program do for you? It showcases your concern for your clients so you become the most loved service provider around. And that’s how technology gets you ahead in the game.


Objects Management

Of course you don’t only have people to manage. Your efficiency relies on how you manage your assets and equipment.


On the Serfy platform you stay one step ahead so you can easily plan ahead and handle emergencies to ensure your workers are empowered to do their work.


How Does it Work?

Via our system you’ll always know where your vehicles are and therefore locating equipment & assets becomes easy.


Through Serfy’s tools you can also manage:

  • Receipts
  • Reports
  • Paperwork

We show you how to set up to make it work for your industry.


You also have a digitised history of everywhere your assets and people travel. This makes it easy to provide information to insurance companies if anything ever gets stolen. You’ll have accurate information of when and where objects were used. This can also limit employee theft since everyone knows there’s an effective system in place that tracks all activities in the company.


Can you see how the right technological tools can help all aspects of your business?


How Does it Help You?

A huge aspect of managing objects in your company relates to the paper trail they leave. We’re sure you’ll enjoy a digitised process where there’s no chance of losing receipts or other papers. Everything is kept on the platform so it’s easier to access the documents when necessary.


This can improve management relating to:

  • Organising insurance
  • Insurance claims
  • General administration
  • Effective filing system
  • View hours an object has worked so you know when a service or replacement is due

It’s all becoming easy, can you see?


Data Entry Template Tool

No business can run effectively without data. It’s how you determine your current position in the market and it’s how you make decisions to effectively plan for the future.


So why put data together manually if Serfy can do it for you?


How Does it Work?

You already handle a lot of your data on the platform. You can enter additional data via our user friendly tools so everything is kept together in one place in digital format.


Firstly you can stay on top of financial paper work since Serfy can help with tasks such as receipts.


The platform benefits you by collecting data from which you can draw relevant reports. We know reporting isn’t every manager’s strength so we did much of the work already. You’ll find templates and options you can use. All you have to do is pick the ones relevant to your work.


How Does it Help You?

The less paperwork lands on your desk the better. Digital, online and automated processes save you time.


Secondly you benefit every time you minimise the manual transfer of data. Human error can easily let data become inaccurate so it’s best to use it in digitised form.


You’ll also use your data when it’s time to pay salaries. Since you have accurate records on the platform of each job and hour worked it becomes easy to calculate payments for those paid by the hour. These tools save you time but also:

  • You won’t spark conflict because you paid someone too little
  • You won’t ever pay someone for work not done

Technology keeps you informed of all the relevant information you need to manage your business goals and finances.


When it’s time to make decisions about the future Serfy empowers you with sensible data which you can use to make actionable plans for your company.


Can you see this software benefits the entire management process?


Task Outsourcing

But you don’t always work alone do you? The service provision industry and many other scenarios related to site management often rely on partnering with others:

  • If you’re understaffed you can ask another company to join you on a project
  • You can supply certain requirements of a client’s requests but you need other experts to complete the entire project

How do you manage these groups of people that can affect your reputation?


Since your reputation is based on who you associate with we made sure Serfy can help you handle this too with effective task outsourcing management.


How Does it Work?

In the same way you keep track of your workers’ activities you can stay in real time communication with people you network with:

  • Allocate certain work to them by sending job tickets
  • Ask them to update arrival times, progress, challenges and more
  • Receive their feedback on the platform

You can supply all necessary information to them without calling even one meeting. They will instantly become part of your team no matter how long you’ve been working with them. All they need to do is download a mobile app.


How Does it Help You?

It’s hard enough for field service managers to organise a few teams. The additional strain of managing other companies can turn an ordinary day into chaos. What you need is updated information at all times and that’s what Serfy gives you. Problems will never escalate because you can take action the moment you see trouble brewing. That’s how you protect your reputation.


You’ll save time with this field service ticket software because anyone can join your team and they’ll be as empowered as the rest of your squad to handle the project. You won’t even call meetings or have long phone calls because all your communication happens online.


It’s not only about making sure you stay on top of relevant information. These people who network with you will see how technology streamlines your activities. They will prefer working with you compared to others in the area which means you’ll get preferential treatment.


Isn’t it time these features benefit you and put you one step ahead of the rest? We understand if you don’t want to tell your competition about this product, but don’t miss out on this opportunity yourself.




Benefits for Managers Using Serfy

  • Increased productivity for managers and team members
  • Less time used for administration
  • Less paperwork
  • Increased accuracy
  • Fewer misunderstandings
  • User friendly tools and clear user guide
  • Satisfied clients who feel you respect their time and opinions

We think we’ve given you enough proof that doing everything online is how you’ll take your business to the next level. But if you need to consult us, require some additional information or want to know if it benefits your niche market in the UK our experts are ready to help you.