Prospective country manager with sales experience


Serfy - SaaS task management platform for effective business relationships is entering the Polish market and looking for an experienced sales representative with the potential to become a country manager

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8 Most Common Employee Problems


Human resources are extremely important in the work place. It’s the driving force that determines a company’s success—but only if it’s productive. Problems among employees that aren’t dealt with will result in low staff morale. This will consequently decrease the company’s productivity. That means you continuously need to monitor and address issues.

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8 Common Time Management Problems

Povilas | 2019-02-15

Time management is a very crucial aspect—in all areas of our lives. Did you know: Investing 10 to 12 minutes in planning your day will save you at least two hours of wasted time & effort throughout the day? Interesting, right?

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6 Easy Ways to Achieve Better Client Communication

Povilas | 2019-02-01

There are endless reasons as to why the connection between you and your clients is not quite where you’d like it to be; Or why you still feel a bit of miscommunication going on despite your best efforts.

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3 Practical Ways to Solve Time Management Problems

Povilas | 2019-01-17

It’s no secret: We make time for the things that are important to us. However, more often than not, life pressures influence our daily routine. With a world filled with endless distractions you’ve got to make a deliberate decision to manage your time—and efficiently too. As a result how you manage your time is ultimately a matter of discipline and commitment. Today we’ll discuss a few ways that’ll help you utilize all your time productively. It’s easier than you think.

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Field service management blog

Answers to your questions about field service management software can be found right here

Improve Your Impact by Staying Informed

If you’re using—or considering—field service management software you’re part of an exciting niche. And this field service management blog will help you make the most of it.
Your impact in your industry depends on whether you stay on top of trends in your field and developments in the market. Here we feature blogs that help you understand this niche better and field service management news you need to know about to be the market leader in your business.
This page is about helping you make better business decisions.
What would you like to learn more about? We cover news and write blog pieces about a variety of topics relevant to all our clients no matter where they are in the process or how much experience they have such as:

  • Field service management
  • Benefits of Serfy
  • Clients expectations management

Quality Blogging About Relevant Topics

Blogs for Newcomers/Do You Have Questions?
Are you new to this trend in modern business? Field service management software will transform your business but understanding the systems are essential. Learn about its applications in this blog so you can gauge if it’s what you need.
Why not compare your experience with real life feedback from industries to determine whether this is a worthwhile investment? Our blogs on the benefits of Serfy will show you how field management software can affect your specific niche.

Blogs for Experts

This technology constantly changes, showing new trends and features. Serfy stays on top of developments to ensure high quality products and to improve the field service platform according to clients’ needs.
You can learn more about these trends on this blog and get the latest news. You can maximize the impact your company already experiences. Stay updated!

Do You Have a Question?

Your feedback and questions are important to us. Contact us with yours and we’ll share our insight with you & the rest of our community right here on the blog.