6 Tips That Will Make Managing Remote Teams Super Easy

Povilas | 2018-10-12

Managing remote teams has such a reputation for being challenging that many companies and managers simply stop trying to improve it. If everyone is struggling, why invest energy in something that will never change, right?

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6 Ways to Make Remote Employees Feel Connected

Povilas | 2018-10-05

It’s so easy for remote employees to feel undervalued and excluded from the company. Can you avoid this?

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6 Ways to Deal with a Chronic Latecomer

Povilas | 2018-09-28

Tired of that one late comer who always has excuse after excuse? Good managers know employees are a company’s most valued resources. You need to trust them to keep your business up and running even when you’re not present, but that only happens if they’re dependable.

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Serfy—7 Changes to Improve Pest Control Management for Clients and Service Providers

Povilas | 2018-09-07

You solve one of the oldest problems on earth and now you can use modern technology to make even more people smile.

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Become the Modern Engineer Your Clients Need—7 Ways Serfy Can Help

Povilas | 2018-08-31

Many people’s image of an engineer is someone sitting in a cosy office all day planning new inventions, right? Those that take on these respected roles know that is far from the truth.

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