The 5 Property Management Tasks that can be Revolutionized with Software

Povilas | 2018-12-14

Most people find it challenging simply to maintain their own homes. Now imagine those challenges on a grand scale and you have what every property management entity faces every day: The responsibilities are varied The problems are unpredictable There’s a huge team of workers and contractors that needs to be managed So does the modern technological world offer some relief to these hard workers? Luckily the answer is yes.

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The 5 Biggest Property Management Challenges—Can Software be the Answer?

Povilas | 2018-12-07

Do you also get an adrenaline rush from managing property? It’s a popular career choice because it encompasses so many aspects. You never have a dull moment and even for those who aren’t sure what job would suit them there’s bound to be something interesting in managing property. But let’s be realistic: It’s not easy. We’re going to count down the five biggest challenges property managers face. If you’re already part of this market it may help to know you’re not the only one with these frustrations. If you’re setting out on a new chapter of your life this list will help you prepare mentally. And then there’s a bonus at the end: Did you know most of these challenges can be countered—or at least managed better—with something called field management software?

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The Property Manager and Tenants—6 Tips to Do it Better

Povilas | 2018-11-23

Do you love the logistics of property management but you dread getting those calls from tenants? You’re not the only one. Of course those calls are unavoidable because tenants make up a huge part of a PM’s day. So we’re here to help.

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Why the Modern Property Manager Can’t Be Without Serfy—5 Reasons

Povilas | 2018-08-17

Competition is always there. With every service you offer dozens of other companies are offering that exact service. Property maintenance is no exception and reliability & quality are vital. Can you stay ahead of the pack?

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