6 Easy Ways to Achieve Better Client Communication

Povilas | 2019-02-01

There are endless reasons as to why the connection between you and your clients is not quite where you’d like it to be; Or why you still feel a bit of miscommunication going on despite your best efforts.

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What is Important in Delivering Excellent Customer Service? The 6 Things that Really Matter


What ranks the highest on your priority list? Your sales figures? Your employees?

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How Technology Helps You Improve Your Customer-centric Approach

Povilas | 2018-05-25

Accept it. You can’t stay ahead of the game without using technology.

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How to Measure Customer Success

Povilas | 2018-05-18

You can get it all correct: products, marketing and even the perfect team. With all of this, you can still fail in business. Often we tend to forget the most important factor. And no, it won’t simply come right because all the other features work. Your customers are your most important assets and you need to monitor their success constantly.

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5 Ways to Successfully Measure Customer Satisfaction

Povilas | 2018-04-27

There’s a buzzword on the web right now. Ever hear the term, ‘Customer Centric’?

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Client expectations management

Your clients determine your success. Learn how to manage their expectations and ensure your growth.
What is your reason for acquiring field service management software? At the top of your list should be your priority to keep clients happy.
Can software really help you do this? This blog will show you it’s possible and how to get it right.

Learn About the Benefits for You and Your Clients
Have you committed to field service management software yet? Read our news and blogs so you know all the benefits you & your clients can look forward to such as a user friendly help desk ticketing system.
Your business’ next investment must benefit both you and your clients. We’ll show you Serfy’s products are a dynamic way to get that right and how your ROI will be worth it.
Here you’ll find facts which you can put into practice in your own business. Boost your growth through meeting clients’ expectations.

Learn About Serfy
Our software is not only about making your days more productive. It’s also about improving:

  • The service you provide your clients
  • Staying connected with clients
  • Making it easy for them to provide information, comments and concerns
  • Using their feedback to enhance your business

But do you have enough insight to use the software correctly and optimize this part of your business? You’ll only grow if your customers stay happy.

Learn About the Industry
Of course you need to understand what you’re up against. Learn about the service industry software here so you can trump your competitors and be the company your customers prefer above all others.
Field service apps are key factors in client expectations management. Get all the latest news in this blog so you can stay one step ahead of the rest.