The 5 Property Management Tasks that can be Revolutionized with Software


Most people find it challenging simply to maintain their own homes. Now imagine those challenges on a grand scale and you have what every property management entity faces every day:

  • The responsibilities are varied
  • The problems are unpredictable
  • There’s a huge team of workers and contractors that needs to be managed

So does the modern technological world offer some relief to these hard workers? Luckily the answer is yes.


Whether you’re managing the upkeep of corporate premises, looking after a holiday resort or helping to govern a few apartments up for rent you should try out software. But which one really works?


Our suggestion: Field management software. With the intricate features designed especially for managers who don’t see their worker teams every day, this applies directly to the needs of property managers who work remotely.


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Property Maintenance Done Right

If you’re responsible for a building you need to stay one step ahead of all possible problems:

  • Plumbing
  • Lights
  • Electricity infrastructures
  • The building’s structure

When you look after these components well there’s less chance of a disaster somewhere in the future. But that’s a lot of contractors you need to organize. So let’s make it easy with software and this applies even if you’re managing multiple properties.


Field service management software is designed to help managers stay on top of different field workers’ schedules. Now do this with your contractors who need to visit your property sites.


The software allows you to communicate with them so you have saved records of all your discussions on the platform. You can view their schedules so it’s easy to plan the month’s maintenance work.


The next step is to make it easy for the teams to know what to do. They simply log on to the platform and see their responsibilities. Any problems or queries can be dealt with online instead of trying to contact someone via phone or visiting an office.


Easy, right?


Get Repairs Done Quickly

Of course you’re not going to prevent each and every problem. Occasionally a tenant or property owner will let you know of a leaking pipe or a broken door.


Swift action is necessary to protect your reputation. Tenants will demand action based on contracts and you want to retain a property owner’s business.


Nothing is as frustrating as waiting for contractors to arrive. Now you can be the company that’s always on time. Real time information shows you where your contractors are so timelines you discuss with the client will be accurate.


This is how you show them how effectively you and your team can respond:

  • On software platforms you can view relevant contractors’ schedules. This allows you to see who will respond the quickest to the site.
  • Now you can provide an accurate arrival time which is an excellent tool to impress your audience.
  • Issue the job ticket to the contractor.
  • Historical information about the site can be kept on the platform so workers know what to expect and make repair decisions based on that data. That’s how you get a job done right the first time.

The worker now logs updates on the platform so you stay informed 24/7. This means your feedback to clients will be accurate which limits misunderstandings and conflict.


Can you see how many of your daily challenges can be countered when you use technology effectively?


Paying the Contractors

Of course a major source of conflict is money. How do you know the hours you’re paying a contractor or employee for were really worked?


It becomes easy when you activate your management software as your tool to log hours. The system serves as backup logging device and this information can be downloaded by your payroll department or when you need to pay a contractor’s bill:

  • No chance of human error because everything is done electronically
  • Electronic data serves as proof of hours worked
  • No chance of paper work getting lost which can lead to disputes or late payments

You may think it’s a challenge to get everyone to use this software but is this really a problem?


Most people these days have SmartPhones and the software can be accessed via any mobile device. Chances are anyone who has a SmartPhone will find such an app easy to work with. And after all it’s much more convenient than driving to the office for meetings and updates isn’t it?


Organize Interviews, Move Outs and Evictions

Of course your responsibilities also extend to the tenants. When you have multiple people to tend to it calls for expert organizing skills:

  • You can dispatch employees to do interviews with potential tenants even at short notice. The app will show who is available so you don’t waste the tenant’s time.
  • In the case of an eviction you can send relevant paperwork on the platform which your employee may need. You can also stay in constant communication to advise since we all know these are difficult situations that may require your insight.
  • When someone moved out you need your maintenance teams to check the premises. Once again a quick response means the next tenant can move in sooner than predicted.

Engaging with Clients and Tenants

No matter what your day consists of one important aspect should never be ignored: You work with people and when they’re shown consideration they become easier to manage.


Can technology help you seem more approachable and friendlier? Yes!


Field management software can also incorporate a communication application for clients and tenants. Queries, complaints and feedback can be done online 24/7 so no client has to waste time listening to your phone ringing anymore.


Property management is an exhilarating field to work in but it requires expert organization skills. Why not let software take some of the load off your shoulders? Your days can feel a little less chaotic so you can get more work done. That’s why we love technology.

About the Author:


Povilas V. Dudonis is a serial entrepreneur and likes to dig deep into methods and processes of business operations to find ways to reach maximum performance