How to Get Ahead of the Competition—7 Ways Serfy Can Help Improve Your HVAC Business

Povilas | 2018-08-24

There’s no mercy in the service provision market. Apart from dealing with ruthless competition you need to impress clients that never seem to be satisfied, right?

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Why the Modern Property Manager Can’t Be Without Serfy—5 Reasons

Povilas | 2018-08-17

Competition is always there. With every service you offer dozens of other companies are offering that exact service. Property maintenance is no exception and reliability & quality are vital. Can you stay ahead of the pack?

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4 Reasons the Mining Industry Needs Serfy

Povilas | 2018-08-10

I know that’s what you and your clients are after. Ready to hear about a simple solution?

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Making Healthcare Better—Serfy Can Help

Povilas | 2018-08-03

With technology transforming all aspects of society, are healthcare systems really functioning as they should in this modern age? You’ll agree with me that one of the most important goals of this niche is to reduce morbidity and ultimately mortality. Do you see improvement where you’re active in this industry?

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5 Ways Serfy can Transform the Document Destruction Industry

Povilas | 2018-07-27

Millions of confidential documents are destroyed daily worldwide. Most people will be surprised at the number of intricate processes that take place before documents are destroyed. But if you’re in the document destruction industry you’re well aware of the risks involved if proper precautions aren’t taken.

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