4 Biggest Field Service Management Challenges

4 Biggest Field Service Management Challenges

Poor communication with Customers

The customer wants to know the status of issue:
- Has it been accepted?
- Does he need to provide additional info?
- When the help will arrive?
- Who is assigned to help?

Keeping customer informed increases his satisfaction and reduces repetitive customer queries. The right way to achieve this is to have a solution with customer facing app with an issue and task management. Satisfied customers will refer your company more often.

Monitoring field workers

- Do you know what they are doing right now?
- Are they using company time for personal matters?
- How fast they respond to assigned tasks?
- Who is your best/worst field worker?
- Who completed that task 5 months ago?

You need to capture data, analyze and manage your staff to answer these questions. Tracking location, activity, hours and status of the customer issued can be logged via solutions with field worker app.

Collecting data for KPIs and analytics

- Do you have orders overload?
- How long is your company response time?
- What is your first-time fix ratio?
- Do you need to plan staff expansion?
- What is your customer satisfaction?

Every business needs clear data to make informed business decisions. Manual data collection to spreadsheets and paper create huge amount work before you can start analytics and make decisions. Field service management system with remote apps can help you ease the burden of collecting, storing, analyzing data.

Keeping field workers happy

- Do they complain about forms, report, notes they need to fill?
- Do they hate being supervised by superior?
- Do they miss quick response from colleagues in emergencies?
- Do they feel safe at work?
- Are they complaining about over time?
- Are they requesting higher pay?

Minimize their paperwork. Give them right tools to do job and report. Let them have the ability to call colleagues to help in the emergency. They will dedicate more time on to "real" task at hand and earn more by completing more orders.

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