4 Signs that you needed Client Issue ticketing software Yesterday


Daily situations which show that you need a software to manage Client issues/inquries.

  1. When cellphone is not enough to manage all demand:

    1. Service managers phone line is always busy.

    2. Service does not pickup or call back.

    3. Manager calls back but here all actions ends.

    4. Manager calls back, listens and calms down, but Client always call again to check on issue status and deadline.

  2. When you loose Client emails in your mailbox.

  3. When Client inquiries does not reach the right person for a long time.

  4. When You as a Service dep. manager do not track and know how fast is you field staff reaction time.

How Client issue ticketing software can help?

When only a cellphone is not enough

  1. An app can help your Clients to collect all necessary data to report an issue in Seconds.

  2. Reporting process can be customized to special needs for example choosing service, particular device, filling specific template.

  3. Issues/inquries and tasks go to one system window. Track statuses and other important details effortlessly.

When you need to increase task/issue distribution and data gathering speed

Most similar systems have task automation and destribution rules to decrease reaction speed and unnecessary work. Moreover almost always you can find all related actions history with particular worker, client, object and so on.

When you need to track all service process

In modern Issue ticketing software task statuses are tracking automatically, allowing you to measure time between main stages. For example actual work time, reaction time and so on.

To Conclude

We usualy notice three scenarios when Maintenance service providers consider using Issue ticketing and field service management software:

  1. When unhappy clients leave Service providers.

  2. When Corporate clients begin to demand an easy to use issue ticketing and status tracking software from their maintenance service provider.

  3. When Service provider wants to optimize business, gain competitive advantage and provide more added value to Clients.


I strongly recommend you the third option.

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