5 Ways Serfy can Transform the Document Destruction Industry


Millions of confidential documents are destroyed daily worldwide. Most people will be surprised at the number of intricate processes that take place before documents are destroyed. But if you’re in the document destruction industry you’re well aware of the risks involved if proper precautions aren’t taken.


These papers include anything from confidential company documents to used prescription pads. They can’t land in the wrong hands, right?


So what is your challenge? Making it a risk free process from storage all the way to when the last page is destroyed.


Thankfully technology has evolved and if you want to harness its powers you’ll consider incorporating field management software. How exactly can an online platform help your company? We’ll help you see how this can be done as efficiently and as swiftly as possible.


Storage of Confidential Documents

First things first: Before going through the shredder these documents are obviously stored in a warehouse.


I’m sure it would be ideal if everything can be thrown in one big shredder without a second thought. But that’s not the case. Why?

  • Each document that enters a shredding company has to be accounted for
  • Each document has to be logged onto the system
  • Some papers such as company documents need a court order authorizing the destruction

How do you coordinate all these aspects smoothly?


Sorting out all this information can be pretty overwhelming especially if it’s to be done manually. The goal here is to make sure you destroy as many papers as possible. Not to create more paperwork! So digitalizing these processes will not only increase efficiency but cut down on work time as well.


How then will field management software solutions achieve this? Having an online data capturing platform will see your company enjoy the following:

  • Organized logging of documents
  • Accuracy of information captured
  • A paperless environment

After sorting this information a date of destruction has to be produced. When work is monitored with technology online it’s always easy to track dates and times. That’s why you should embrace technology.


Evidence of Documents Destroyed

So you’ve shredded all the documents. And that’s the end of that story right? Not quite.


A certificate of destruction is issued on all documents destroyed. What happens when a company requests a copy of the certificate or if a dispute over the documents destroyed arises?  


The last thing you want is to go into a storeroom to look for copies of certificates. Even browsing through countless emails can take time.


Digitalizing this information will ensure the following is available on request:

  • The exact nature of documents destroyed for instance whether they were in CD format
  • The date the documents reached the company
  • The summarized content of the documents destroyed
  • The date the documents were destroyed
  • The date the original certificate of destruction was issued
  • The person who collected  the certificates
  • The person who authorized the shredding

Field service management software contains details about job tickets that you can use for reference whenever you need it.


All this information is very crucial and needs to be available on demand. Employing field service management solutions will ensure centralized data capturing for all the above.


Third Part Dealings

If you’re a small shredding company chances are you might not have the shredder on site. This means you have to outsource these services.


In the event that a third party is subcontracted there must be a smooth process in place to facilitate easy communication.  


Serfy can provide you with a client management system where sub contractors are able to report on issues including:

  • Any technical delays for instance system downtimes
  • If date of destruction has to be moved
  • When it’s being moved to
  • When certificates of destruction can be collected

Efficient FSM solutions will see reduction in delays and miscommunication without compromising on security.


Vehicle Tracking

In cases where shredding isn’t done on your premises, the documents need to be transferred to another site after capturing.


Moving documents is similar to banks moving cash in between branches. Yes. It’s that intense. Safety precautions need to be in place. Knowing exactly where your teams are at any given time is important.


Thankfully Serfy can assist you in this regard so you know:

  • When the vehicle leaves
  • When it reaches its destination
  • If the vehicle is stopped at a roadblock
  • When a break down occurs
  • If an accident occurs
  • When robberies occur

The software allows constant updates from all involved so you can supply real time feedback to clients.


Having all this information in real time will also ensure a swift response when necessary. Action can be taken such as sending another vehicle if there is a break down.


Workers Transporting the Documents

In such a high risk business you need detailed information of who is involved:

  • The name of the driver who left with the documents
  • Time he or she left the premises
  • Estimated time of arrival
  • Actual time of arrival at destination

Not only is it important to track your employees but they can use the online platform to give updates as well such as:

  • Confirmation of who received and signed off for the documents
  • They can also report immediately if any issues or problems occur

Customer Feedback

Customers will need regular communication on documents they sent for destruction. Since security is their main concern this is where real time feedback comes into play. They’ll need information on:

  • The date of destruction
  • When they can collect destruction certificates
  • Any problems that might arise

With the risks involved in this industry both caution and speed are crucial. Field service management software will help you streamline your processes. Best of all is Serfy ensures this confidential information is kept safe. It’s a practical tool for a high risk task. Both you and your customers will sleep better with this in hand don’t you think?

About the Author:


Povilas V. Dudonis is a serial entrepreneur and likes to dig deep into methods and processes of business operations to find ways to reach maximum performance