5 Reasons Why a Field Service Agent is Your Best Branding Method


How well known is your brand in your community?
Let’s ask a few questions:

  • Does your company feature in conversations related to your work?
  • Do people know which colors and logo to look for when coming to your offices?
  • Do your competitors see you as a worthy opponent?

If you’re unsure it’s a good sign it’s time to step up building your brand. When you become THE brand in town, you and everyone else will know it.
And if you’re filled with trepidation at these thoughts, I have good news for you. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money on marketing. I’m going to share a secret few field service businesses have realized.
Let me tell you how you’re going to use your field agents to get ahead of the competition.

Put Your Values into Action
Can you summarize your brand into a few actions?
Yes. I said actions.
Your brand won’t grow only by placing your logo all over town. Brands become loved and supported when they give value to customers. And colors and slogans can’t do much for consumers.
Apple’s products match up perfectly with people’s technological needs. Their products prove what the brand stands for: Staying at the forefront of technological advances.
If you state that you provide good customer service, no one believes you until it’s proven. And actions speak louder than words, don’t they? And values drive actions:

  • If your brand’s value relates to customer satisfaction, field agents can acquire feedback during every job so customers know their opinions matter.
  • When being on time is part of your slogan, make sure your field agents always arrive timeously.
  • If you’re all about giving state of the art assistance, what better way than showing new equipment in action?

Can you see each action a field agent performs on a work site can communicate something about your brand and brand values?
Make sure your community sees you’re really DOING what your slogan says. That’s when your support will grow.

Make it Personal
Did we become an impersonal society? I don’t judge you for thinking so. Technology is in all parts of our lives and pretty soon robots will be used everywhere.
But technology actually brought us closer together instead of pushing us apart.
Man has an innate need to communicate and interact. This is what makes social media platforms so popular. It’s not only about videos and information. Users update their status and leave comments because they want to be involved in other people’s lives.
And your field service agents can utilize this need to gain traction in the market.
You want your brand to be associated with being personal and caring about clients. Interaction takes away the clinical feel of a business and establishes these personal connections. But other businesses and stores must wait for customers to come to them before they can engage them in conversation.
Not so with field services. Your agents travel to people’s premises and personal spaces. They interact with customers on a daily basis. This personal contact builds trust in a brand and appreciation for the personal side of the business.
Do you realize how valuable an asset you have in field agents?

What Are They Wearing?
While communicating values must be your first priority, you can never forget to showcase your company colors.
Make your team visible and prominent with the clothing, vehicle branding and signage all over town. Imagine your workers being noticed all over town. These visual impulses will prompt thoughts in customers’ minds.
People will wonder why everyone else is using your teams for service delivery. And if there’s one thing that you can expect from all people, it’s that they don’t want to feel left out.
In school you probably wished you could be part of the popular crowd. It doesn’t change much as you grow older. Humans still want to be associated with what’s popular. Increasing the frequency of when people see your colors, sends a subconscious message that you’re the popular company around town.
Yes, branding requires some intricate strategies, but when you use your field service agents optimally it becomes quite easy.
Also don't forget about small things. Just imagine what impact it might have if your field service team member were wearing one of these millennium watches.

Prove You Move With the Times
Relevancy is another aspect of your brand your customers will wonder about. You function in a technologically advanced age. Consumers are used to getting the best service because machines and technology improve what companies offer.
Does your field agents provide state of the art service?
Once again your field agents can take your brand new equipment straight to someone’s house or business. Clients can view it being used and see the results even before the final bill is paid.
These actions prove how ahead of the times your company functions. This is the type of news that turns a customer into a loyal supporter. And that means word of mouth will spread the news.
And that’s your best branding method. When your clients start bragging about what you provide, others will trust you more than a random business they find in a phonebook.
You can’t extract this kind of support by talking to someone on the phone or printing a flyer. Your field agents prove your company’s worth.

Use Feedback to Improve Branding
Lastly, here’s an important fact: Branding isn’t a one time action. You must ensure the colors and values you impressed with today are still the most popular next month. Remember, there’s always a competitor that wants to get ahead of you.
So measure your impact so you know when to increase branding activity or fix a problem.
And how will you know if something is wrong? Once again your field agents can get you the best feedback.
What’s easier?

  • Filling out a short feedback form while a field service agent waits for it
  • Talking to someone on the phone

I know which one I would pick. And as a bonus:

  • The information is fresh in the client’s mind if your agents are still on the premises
  • You don’t risk people ignoring your calls

Your field agents can enhance every part of your business. Ready to become THE brand in town?

About the Author:


Povilas V. Dudonis is a serial entrepreneur and likes to dig deep into methods and processes of business operations to find ways to reach maximum performance