8 Industries that Don’t Realize They Need Field Service Management Software


What is one of the worst things that happen in companies every day? Unused potential.


You can have the capacity to become the best service provider in your community or niche but that only happens when you harness resources correctly. Are you using technology optimally yet?


One of the best things that happened in recent years is the surfacing of field service management software. This means no longer do you have to struggle to apply other programs to your unique way of functioning. The designers of this software understand your needs and customize programs for you:

  • Constant communication
  • Real time updates
  • Job ticket allocation
  • Logging of hours
  • Schedule planning on a digital platform

But are you leading the market by using it yet?


Perhaps you don’t realize this article is meant for you. Do you work in one of these industries?



Don’t simply think hospitals. What about patients, out patients and the aged who are at home but are in vital need of mobile health services. What is the best way of managing these health care workers?


In healthcare time and accurate information can make the difference between someone living or dying. When field workers have access to information on a digital platform—instead of looking for paperwork—they can make decisions fast.


You also want to make sure those in need are reached as quick as possible. With online scheduling and real time feedback you’ll always know who is available for the next job so your patients don’t have to wait as long as before.



Every second your machinery or systems are down on a mining site it costs someone money. Maintenance is streamlined when you can dispatch technicians the moment a need arises.


What you need is quality communication between all relevant parties:

  • Site officials
  • Field work managers
  • Technicians

An online platform makes that possible 24/7. It’s also easier to allocate time for regular—preventative—maintenance and see who is available for emergencies instead of pulling someone away from important work they’re tending to.



When you’re a qualified engineer you don’t simply make plans and design awe inspiring structures or machines. You need to manage teams to turn the plan into reality and that could mean communicating with a lot of people.


Field work software can keep everyone up to date so there will be fewer misunderstandings on your intricate work. Since many engineers prefer the creative aspect of the work to the administrative an application that minimizes chaos is a welcome change in the industry.


Property Maintenance

Why travel from site to site if you can manage your property management teams from the comfort of your office? Normally this may lead to:

  • Misunderstandings when only talking on the phone
  • Delays and frustration when you can’t reach someone for updates that clients ask you for
  • Bad reputation when you can’t keep to a schedule because you don’t know when your workers will be available

Get ready to enjoy a smooth process from start to finish because you can share documents, pictures and information with each other online. All updates will be in real time so you’ll know exactly what’s going on at each job site.


Whether you’re doing landscaping, cleaning or maintenance software helps you be in multiple places at once.


Construction and Home Remodeling

If you want to play in the big leagues you must be able to manage multiple sites, a range of teams and always be on top of what’s going on. I think you’ll agree a few phone calls to talk to your workers each day won’t suffice.


Few industries have so many different role players on one site as when you’re working on a new structure. With software you can keep all these workers—builders, plumbers, electricians and more—in constant communication so everything happens on time and in the right order.


As a bonus for you your crews can tell you the moment something’s needed so you can manage logistics and deliveries so the work never has to stop.



You know a repair or regular maintenance of HVAC systems usually require an inspection and a second visit to get the work done. You can cut down on travel time when field workers don’t have to visit the office for menial things anymore:

  • Chat online instead of discussing it in person
  • Send requested parts via a courier so the work can be finished on day one
  • Share pictures and information with experts at head office to help site workers make the best decisions

The office and site workers become one unit instead of separate entities. This means your clients benefit from all your potential.


Document Destruction

In this industry destruction is the goal but security is the priority especially if the papers are collected and destroyed off site. You need to know exactly where your mobile document destruction vehicles are at all times. You clients will want updates on:

  • When their documents are collected
  • When they arrive at your premises
  • The moment they’re destroyed

Because you take the responsibility to dispose of private documents clients want to know you’re always in control until the last page is dealt with. Real time feedback you get on field service management software becomes a vital asset.


Pest Control

You never know what you’ll be faced with when you arrive on site for taking care of pests. What pests are you up against? How big is the problem?


Because property owners don’t know how to identify pests until they become a problem, the infestation is often worse than the client describes. So how can you plan your workers’ schedules accurately?


Much of this becomes easy when you can view all your workers’ schedules and updates at one glance on your mobile or computer screen. You don’t have to plan the entire day early in the morning; you can make scheduling calls based on current information.


Do you see new possibilities? Can you envision becoming the market leader you were always meant to be? You can’t ignore it: Your potential just increased. Will you live up to it?