The 7 Things Customers Expect from Field Service


What is the best way of entertaining kids these days? If you’re still trying to engage them with old fashioned puzzles or board games, you won’t see them smiling for long. These days they want TV, online gaming and apps. It can still be puzzles, but it has to be shrouded in technology.
Perhaps you already know this about the younger generation and you adjust accordingly when you pick out gifts or plan family activities.
But do you give your clients the same courtesy?
Your field service clients today may not be much different than a generation ago, but they function in a totally different society. That means their expectation of you is different and if you don’t engage them with the right tools, you’ll lose their interest as quickly as you’ll bore a child with a historical toy.
Ready to step into the new millennium of field service delivery? Let’s list the top seven things your customers are hoping to get from you.
Remember, if you get this right it’s not only about making them smile. It’s about improving your bottom line.

Don’t Just be on Time—Tell Them You’ll be on Time

Your visit doesn’t start when your field service agents arrive on site. You’re being rated long before that, especially if the team can’t be on time.
Waiting for field service agents is one of the main complaints consumers have regarding service delivery. It can be the reason why your clients try a different service provider.
But the problems can all be circumvented thanks to modern technology:

  • GPS tracking on vehicles
  • Management software
  • Staying in contact via mobile devices

Placate your customers by keeping them informed. A simple message telling them of adjusted timelines, estimated times of arrival and even the team’s current location can keep many customers in good moods so you get better reviews.
Clients have always appreciated timely service and a show of respect. Now you need to showcase it in this manner if you want to be the market leader in the modern world.

Get it Right the First Time

Believe me, your customers are happy to see your agents arrive, but even happier when they go. Make sure they don’t have to return, because that will upset most modern clients.
Consumers’ ideal service providers ensure that problems are taken care of the first time. As a business owner it’s your responsibility to make sure your workers can provide this level of service:

  • Are they trained?
  • Do they have the customer and the premises’ information on hand to make informed decisions while working?
  • Do they have state of the art equipment to provide excellent workmanship?

Getting it right the first time is the type of reputation you need. Quality workmanship has always been a sign of an excellent company, but today—with people having access to many different service providers by simply going online—you need to prove your worth more than the rest.

Fast Follow Ups

Of course, certain tasks do require your team to go back. An installation may require training, servicing or upgrading.
Here’s the next secret about your customers you didn’t know: Consumers want to plan.
Without technology your field agents won’t know when they—or another team—will be able to do follow up visits. But if you invest in management software your team has access to calendars all the time.
Your customers use technology to organize their personal and work lives. They expect you to show the same level of order.

Give it to Them NOW

Here’s the first moment of interaction that could lead to you losing a client’s attention. What is your usual answer when someone requires assistance?

  • I will contact you with a date and time
  • I can only help you later this week
  • I need to get a time from my field service manager

Do you know how these replies aggravate customers? They live in a society where information, products and services are available on demand. If you don’t want to seem outdated, you must display these same characteristics.
At the very least you must supply a date immediately. This is possible when you use management software that keeps you and all your employees informed at all times. With a real time calendar you’ll know exactly when there’s a slot open for a new customer.

Accurate Costing

Here’s the next thing that can turn an amicable customer into the person that writes those horrible reviews. And it will be your mistake, not the client’s.
When you invest in field service software—an amazing tool technology gives you—your billing will be:

  • Timeous:Clients won’t wait for manually generated bills.
  • Accurate:All services that are covered by an SLA won’t be billed to the client again.
  • Detailed:Consumers want to know exactly what they’re spending their money on so they know they’re not paying more than they should.
  • On hand:With software providing detailed information, field service agents have information at hand to discuss costs while on site.

Here’s why you’ll love the outcome of this: You’ll have fewer queries made to your accounting department, saving you time and effort.


If you’re wondering why Facebook is so popular, I have one word for you: Engagement.
Society loves engaging with others and when you make it part of your field service structure, your customers will love you:

  • Ask for feedback and reviews to show you respect their opinions
  • Reply on social media to queries or complaints
  • Create an app so they can contact you easily

They Want to be Part of the Future

Are you ready to impress your clients? You live in an age where technology does things we never imagined would be possible a few decades ago.
Are your field agents performing their task in the same manner?
Clients will more often than not pick the service provider who uses the latest technology. They believe it will provide better results for them.
When last did you upgrade equipment, vehicles or your product line?

Can you show your customers that you’re armed with the best the 21st century provides? Step out of the old, because your customers expect the new. It’s the only way you’ll keep the market’s attention. And remember, it will boost your profit, so it’s worth giving your company a face lift.

About the Author:


Povilas V. Dudonis is a serial entrepreneur and likes to dig deep into methods and processes of business operations to find ways to reach maximum performance