Top 10 Field Service Management Software Products of 2018


Have you joined the modern world yet? If you’re working in field service management it means your computer and mobile phone need to have the latest apps & software. This is the only way you’ll stay ahead of the pack and become a market leader.


If you’re still managing via manual processes and have a desk overflowing with paperwork, this article is for you.


When Do You Need This List?

Here’s your question: Name the one thing that frustrates you most about managing field workers?


Here’s the good news: There’s almost a 100% chance that a software developer created a program to solve that problem.


Here’s what you’re missing out on:

  • Easier scheduling options
  • Better communication
  • Issuing job tickets digitally
  • Record keeping which minimizes manual tasks, paper work and human error


Here’s your challenge: Will you stop your old habits, join your competitors in the 21st century and enjoy the benefits of modern technology?


Here are some of your best options.


Your Top 10 Options


Wrike features high on many experts’ lists because it’s specifically made for field management. You can use it on Android and iOS so you can include anyone on your staff in your network.


This isn’t as advanced as some others that allow for financial functions too, but this isn’t always a requirement, making this a practical option for small businesses.


One challenge is the pricing as it’s more expensive than many others on this list. Its efficacy makes up for it if the features align with your needs. Just make sure you train your staff first as its complexity can confuse them quite easily. Yes, there’s a free trial if you want to test it out first.



What we love about Serfy is that it caters for many unique field service management requirements. Not only will you be able to communicate with your team, but even partners you outsource to and your clients can become part of the system:

  • Get their feedback
  • They can ask questions
  • Update them on arrival times


There’s a demo you can try out and the many features allow you to customize your Serfy experience to your company’s needs.


A range of packages is available so you can pick one appropriate for your size business.



This one is on our list thanks to field service focused features such as prioritizing work through the use of colors.


Most users find it easy to use, though the layout should be more intuitive.


Once again it provides a variety of relevant options such as scheduling, but also inventory features. The fact that you can add images and notes to tasks means your workers can have as much information possible to perform their tasks optimally.



It’s important to pick a program suited to your business style. Jamf was designed for small and medium sized businesses, so don’t try it if you’re already functioning on a large scale, unless you have a very basic set of needs.


This software creates a simplified way to manage mobile devices. Your workers can set up their devices with apps and settings they need so you all function more effectively.


We love that you can use up to three devices without paying anything, which gives you a chance to test it out before implementing it throughout the company.


Upgrades are on their way such as a field for generic notes, so we’re excited about what’s to come. Just note that this is mostly for iOS users.


Ai Field Management

This app is quite comprehensive and the best way to imagine it is as a combination of Whatsapp features and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning). You’ll be able to manage scheduling and routing, but also:

  • Invoicing
  • Dispatching
  • Payment collection in the field


Once again this makes for easy testing as you get one month free usage to get everyone on board.


Field Force Tracker

This app is already used in 25 countries and helps you with workflow, but also business analytics. Because it’s used across the globe you’ll find you can manage multiple currencies, which is quite a nifty feature.


It’s appropriate for most operating systems, but more expensive than some products mentioned here.



Here’s another all rounder as this program helps you with paperwork such as invoicing and reporting. You can even integrate it with QuickBooks.


The cloud based system makes it accessible to all your field workers and this helps you with scheduling & communicating with them.


The designers focused on integration as it can also function well with website widgets and forms. It’s one of the more expensive options but the brand gives excellent customer service which makes it worth it.



Here’s a user friendly system for scheduling that can also be integrated to make invoicing and reporting easy. However, note that it’s more costly than some others.


Users appreciate the user friendliness such as easily scheduling regular tasks of regular clients, whether it’s weekly, monthly or otherwise. You can see it was designed especially for the field service niche.



This app has the handy feature of integrating Google Maps. That makes routing much easier. Along with that you get the essential functions such as scheduling, as well as quoting & invoicing.


It’s noteworthy that this app has received a few awards in the past but note that it’s more expensive than some others. Live demos and free trials can help you determine whether this one is for you.


HouseCall Pro

This is an excellent option especially for small businesses. A business owner can run most of his or her company straight from a mobile phone: This app offers invoicing, scheduling and payment processing. There’s also a customer database. This means a new start up doesn’t need a large office straight away.


Final Thoughts

You can see each program has a unique approach and features. Here’s your privilege: Simply pick the one most appropriate for your team and see your output optimized. You’re welcome.

About the Author:


Povilas V. Dudonis is a serial entrepreneur and likes to dig deep into methods and processes of business operations to find ways to reach maximum performance