4 Reasons the Mining Industry Needs Serfy


You’ll agree that the mining industry involves millions in revenue. What if it’s possible you can make that bottom line seem even better? Yes, if you don’t use the latest in tech advancements you may still be operating below capacity.


The good news is there’s an easy opportunity to change that. The best decision you can make for your company is investing some of that revenue into field service management software systems such as the ones developed by Serfy. These systems optimize your company’s operations resulting in improved efficiency.


I know that’s what you and your clients are after. Ready to hear about a simple solution?


You Can Improve Efficiency

One important aspect where mining is concerned is your valued workforce. Managing your workers haphazardly won’t guarantee you success. You need to have systems in place to ensure logical & maximum utilization of your human resources.


Tracking employees and dispatching workloads can be an operations nightmare:

  • What happens if you need to dispatch five technicians at once?
  • How will you know if they’ve kept their appointments or if allocated tasks were completed?
  • Does the foreman know which tasks to allocate his subordinates?
  • What if you have an emergency that puts lives in danger and you need assistance on sight urgently.

All of this has to be done in the shortest possible time to cut down on delays and maximize productivity. Speed is even necessary to prevent disaster since mines are high risk areas to work in.


Your employees need to be handed tasks according to their strengths, current workloads and availability. This means you need updated information about:

  • Schedules of what needs to be done and when
  • The tasks which take priority
  • The number of workers needed on a particular job

Thankfully using field service management software allows you to organize schedules effectively. This way when a problem arises you’ll know exactly which skills are required and who to send for the job.


Your shift managers will also be in a position to:

  • Track workloads
  • Monitor job statuses
  • Decide if more or less workers are needed

Reduced Travelling

Say goodbye to managers travelling from site to site to see what’s happening on the ground. Engaging in long debates over the phone isn’t the answer either. It comes with a lot of miscommunication and delays.


We challenge you to consider a new way; an easier way.


Mobile phones aren’t only good for socializing with your peers. Incorporating mobile apps to effectively manage employees will initiate a huge difference:

  • You can dispatch a technician quickly without necessarily having to go back to the office or being on site.
  • You get feedback from workers on site and you can share images or documents online so you don’t have to drive to a site.
  • Emergencies can be discussed on the platform between everyone relevant to the work instead of convening a meeting.
  • Technicians can confirm whether they received instructions without you making one call.

All this happens in real time to avoid delays and you can keep clients updated with the latest feedback.


Serfy can help you achieve this through the use of a mobile app. This will not only increase productivity but it saves on fuel consumption as well.


Manage Machinery Better

It’s no secret downtime means reduced productivity. This means losing money. So it’s important to always keep your equipment up and running.


Figuring out which machines are down and which are due for service is crucial. This will avoid business coming to a standstill.


How do you do this?


Relying on human judgement and endless documents to keep you informed is not the best idea. For instance information is required on:

  • Dates the machinery was last serviced
  • Type of service done
  • Dates when equipment was bought

Having this information within easy reach will help you make production decisions. This is made possible if you’ve got an online system in place that makes this information readily available 24/7. Decisions are made quickly and production continues smoothly.


Improved maintenance of equipment means production will always be at its full capacity.


How Up to Date are You on Safety Regulations?

You can’t talk about mining without mentioning safety. There’re supposed to be a certain number of workers down a shaft at any given time.


This online system will help your shaft managers plan their schedules appropriately.


Serfy can assist with data entry templates to capture and access this information timeously. This is where real time updates come into play. For instance you’ e notified:

  • If there’s an emergency
  • If an unfortunate incident occurs
  • The number of miners injured

The speed and accuracy in which you receive these notifications can mean the difference between life and death:

  • Be empowered to make prompt decisions
  • Rescue teams are quickly dispatched because you know who is available
  • Lives are saved

Apart from machinery you must also be aware of the safety gear available on site. You don’t want to end up with a shortage of safety helmets or mining boots. Having an efficient data capture template in place will make this information readily available. Once you have this information you’ll know when to restock on safety gear.


Of course you also have to comply with certain health and safety checks carried out by safety authorities. They need information which includes:

  • Procedures followed in the event an emergency occurs
  • How many workers you send down a mine shaft at any given time
  • Whether you have copies of the rules and mining procedures

All the above information needs to be available on request. Failure to produce can attract a fine or possible legal action. The importance of having a system in place that efficiently sorts this information can’t be overemphasized. And that’s what Serfy can help with.


Can you see your day to day tasks doesn’t have to be such a daunting task. Why not employ field service management solutions to help you minimize your effort and even costs?


A small investment becomes the way you raise productivity and your share holders’ bottom line. That’s why you’re in business right?

About the Author:


Povilas V. Dudonis is a serial entrepreneur and likes to dig deep into methods and processes of business operations to find ways to reach maximum performance