Become the Modern Engineer Your Clients Need—7 Ways Serfy Can Help


Many people’s image of an engineer is someone sitting in a cosy office all day planning new inventions, right? Those that take on these respected roles know that is far from the truth.


No matter the type of engineer you are, your main focus is usually the designing and building of objects. This can relate to towns, buildings, machines and much more. But even when studying to become an engineer you discover the vast array of responsibilities that will one day rest on your shoulders.


How do those structures and ideas come to realization? You have to manage:

  • People in the planning and execution teams
  • Resources and tools to make the work possible
  • Processes according to the original plan
  • Administration to keep everything legal
  • Finances to meet budgets

In a senior role much of this will be part of your daily schedule. And some engineers operate on multiple sites especially when involved with civil engineering where you help maintain a city’s infrastructure.


So we want to help you make those tasks a bit easier. Have you considered using field service management software such as the products provided by Serfy?


Let’s see how this can make your days flow easier.


Manage People Better

You may enter your engineering profession because of your love of mechanics and technology not necessarily the challenge of working in a team. Some engineers are even known to score low in terms of social skills or emotional intelligence. However these aspects become vital to the job especially as your career develops and you’re promoted. Apart from colleagues or subordinates you also have to interact with clients.


Any tool that can enhance communication with these individuals will be beneficial. If you can delegate work and assign job tickets to people quickly you can focus on other work you enjoy more or that’s essential to the project. You also need a dynamic tool to communicate feedback to clients.


Serfy allows real time interaction with participants but instead of being on your phone all day you can communicate online. You don’t have to ask for a meeting with everyone involved—which can feel like you’re wasting time—but you can simply:

  • Upload information
  • Share documents and images
  • Assign work
  • Give real time feedback to clients

Don’t make the mistake of thinking this makes project management less personal. On the contrary it’s a tool that makes engagement better because the software makes it so effortless.


Handle Your Next Crisis Skilfully

When you’re part of many projects across the city while you’re helping to build a new water infrastructure you’ll be pretty busy. Multiple teams need to be managed and some groups may only be able to start when someone else is finished. That means any problem can affect the entire timeline.


If something does go wrong you want it handled as quickly as possible. So use Serfy:

  • View everyone’s schedules so you know which worker or team is closest and available to assist.
  • Get real time feedback so you can make informed decisions of what to organize next.
  • Reorganize schedules if needed.

Everyone on the team stays informed so you don’t have to make multiple calls to update them on your new expectations.


The benefit is seeing everything in one glance so you can take fast action. Every second you save can make a difference in the grand scheme of things. That’s why we need technology.

Share Knowledge

Part of helping your team reach their goals is guiding them. Don’t waste time on small talk over the phone when you can share insight online. You can send pictures, documents or give your opinion when someone is in need of advice.


Make Paperwork Less Demanding

When you’re done organizing the people for the day you probably have loads of paperwork waiting. What if some of it can be automated? Have you thought of running a paperless office?


Field service management software can help with administration as well as financial paperwork:

  • You can send and file receipts. No need to print them out because they’ll be safely stored on the platform.
  • Save documents online instead of in a file in your office.
  • Never draw up a schedule on paper again. Your next day’s actions can be planned on the platform and will instantly appear on everyone’s profiles.
  • Don’t lose important scribbled notes again because you won’t need those loose papers anymore. A Serfy dashboard can be customized so you see everything relevant to your work at a moment’s glance.

You can have everything you need in the palm of your hand on a mobile device or on your computer. Whether you manage from your office or you’re on the road, you’re covered and your paperwork won’t fall behind.


Keep to Your Deadlines

What does all this lead to? You become more efficient and you empower your team to be more productive:

  • With client information on hand and the benefit of easy communication with senior team members, workers can make decisions faster so more gets done every day. No more calling the office because most of the information they need can be shared online.
  • Find the best team for the job that is nearest to where a new job is located. They spend less time on the road and more time on sites.
  • Get updates from workers and notify clients of potential problems well in advance. Clients appreciate ample warning about schedule changes as much as they want work delivered timeously.

You’ll have the impressive reputation you’ve always dreamt of when your clients are happy with work done on time.


Be Everywhere at Once

All these aspects of your work can improve without you spending more time on work sites. That’s the beauty of technology that gives you access to your teams no matter where they are and where you are.


As a bonus you can give clients real time feedback without being on site yourself.


Be the Preferred Vendor

And this is what clients look for: Efficient groups that can deliver quality work but who also prioritize the client’s interests. Won’t your next potential client be more willing to partner with you when you can promise 24/7 access to you? Imagine how glad they will be with the tools to request updated information whenever needed?

This isn’t only how you become a better engineer but how you become THE engineer to employ from now on.

About the Author:


Povilas V. Dudonis is a serial entrepreneur and likes to dig deep into methods and processes of business operations to find ways to reach maximum performance