Manage Your Business Better: 8 Tips on Using Serfy in the Construction & Home Remodeling Industry


Are you really following the best plan of action? Are you running around flustered while managing a construction or home remodelling team? Chances are you’re simply not using technology to your benefit yet.


What’s the answer you don’t yet know you’re looking for? It’s field service management software such as the package provided by Serfy.


This isn’t only about benefiting your life. Each person you’re in contact with can experience the POSITIVE change.


Imagine the following instead of the chaos you experience at the moment.


Yes You Can Manage Timelines Better

So you’re always running out of time, right?


Construction is all about getting a lot of work done in the shortest possible time. Perhaps you’re hoping for the bonus you’ll get if you can finish the work ahead of time. But that doesn’t happen when you can’t manage your teams effectively:

  • New work requests need to be placed on the schedule as soon as possible.
  • You need to know which team is finished so you can send them to a next site.
  • If there’s an emergency you want to send the team nearest to the problem so they spend the shortest time on the road
  • You need to tell clients what time a team will arrive

Until now it was difficult, right? But with Serfy you can turn job requests into job tickets instantly with all relevant information provided and your teams access it online. When all your teams’ schedules and work updates appear on your mobile phone or PC you can make the right decision in an instant & tell clients exactly how long until the team is on site.


And if something needs to change you simply make changes online and everyone will know instantly. It’s putting the steering wheel of your business back into your hands instead of being at the mercy of multiple unpredictable factors.


Be Empowered to Try Out New Ideas & Partners

If you want your business to grow you need to agree to jobs that are larger than you’ve ever tried before. But then you’ll probably need additional workers and contractors. How do you trust the new guy?


Managing new individuals becomes much easier if you can:

  • Send out job tickets via the Serfy platform. There’s no chance of misunderstanding or information getting lost as with printed versions.
  • Obtain constant feedback via the online software platform.
  • They can also access historical client information so they’re as informed as other people you’ve worked with for years.

This isn’t only a tool to help you manage, but to assist them in working more effectively.


Help Your Team Even if You’re Not There

Whether it’s this new addition to your team or your experienced workers, everyone may need your insight from time to time.


With Serfy’s software you can be in constant communication with your team members. You will also see their updates and can respond the moment you think something’s amiss. This is remote management on a different level.


Turn Your Workers into a Team

Becoming the market leader you want to be won’t be your accomplishment alone. You need a skilled team that works together well.


Few sites require so many different types of workers as a construction site. And your communication system needs to help all of them work in unison:

  • The different role players need to stay informed of each person’s progression so the next step in the process can happen timeously.
  • If there’s a problem everyone should know so they can plan accordingly.
  • If team members need each other they must be able to communicate with each other or you.

If you get this right you won’t run past deadlines and you’ll deliver exceptional workmanship. And Serfy as a platform helps you get this right every day.


Make Sure Everyone is at Work on Time

The more your business grows the more team members you’ll have. And it’s quite difficult keeping a tab on everyone’s movements.


But this administration becomes easier when you use technology. You’ll now the moment someone starts working on a site because it’s all reported on the platform.


This information is often necessary when clients want to know if work is on schedule. With Serfy on your side you won’t have to hope; you’ll know. And if someone is late you can warn your clients or a supervisor in advance so there’s much less confusion and conflict.

More Information Keeps Clients Happy

Why do optimistic clients often turn into disgruntled ones? More often than not it’s because they lose faith in the construction companies they hire.


No, this isn’t always your fault. You can’t give your clients updates over the phone throughout the day, right? You won’t get much work done if you do. Unfortunately this is what most clients expect.


So why not use technology that helps both parties?


With software such as Serfy you can create direct communication channels between you and your clients. You don’t have to phone each client, waste time answering their calls or making small talk.


On an online software platform your clients can ask for feedback and you can reply when you’re ready. The platform also gives real time feedback about all your projects so you will have updated information to report whenever necessary.


Make Payments and Administration Easy on Yourself

After you’ve managed your day on the construction sites you still have to deal with administration, right?


Serfy and similar software packages can minimize the time and effort that goes into this:

  • Time tracking
  • Receipts
  • Client feedback

It’s all captured online. You have less paperwork and much more accurate data because you’re eliminating the chance of human error by not doing this manually anymore.


Less Conflict—More Work

So what’s the secret about Serfy? It’s a dynamic way of keeping people informed to prevent misunderstandings and promote action. There never has to be a lull in the project because technology helps keep everything moving forward.


What does all of this translate into? Fewer frowns and more smiles for everyone involved.


Do you have more questions about how Serfy can help your specific line of work? Leave your thoughts in the comments and we’ll be happy to answer.

About the Author:


Povilas V. Dudonis is a serial entrepreneur and likes to dig deep into methods and processes of business operations to find ways to reach maximum performance