Why the Modern Property Manager Can’t Be Without Serfy—5 Reasons


Competition is always there. With every service you offer dozens of other companies are offering that exact service. Property maintenance is no exception and reliability & quality are vital. Can you stay ahead of the pack?


Being the preferred service provider means you need to deliver every time a service is required. Can you be this efficient?


We have a solution: Field service management software. This is how you optimize your company’s operations.


Are You Managing Multiple Components Properly?

With property maintenance you’ve got various services from tiling to plumbing to bathroom renovations. You’ll always have different jobs going on at different sites. You’ll agree with me you definitely can’t be in all these places at once.


Going through stacks of paperwork to determine which job needs to be done can be daunting not to mention time consuming.


You can make your life a lot easier by working smart not hard. Think paperless.


Achieve this by using online data entry templates to capture the relevant information.


A system that helps you classify each department clearly will go a long way in the following:

  • Give all departments the attention they deserve
  • Manage different aspects with a few clicks of a button
  • Allocate appropriate resources correctly
  • Reduce confusion
  • Communicate easily with your crew on different sites

You’re guaranteed improved efficiency and cutting down on unnecessary delays by doing all the above digitally instead of manually.


Are You Responding to Enquiries on Time?

Of course you don’t simply need to get work done; it must also be on time.


How quick you respond to a job will determine how customers perceive you. When they talk about your business what words do they associate it with? Is it ‘quick service’ or ‘never again’?


Word of mouth referrals are the best types of marketing. If you want your business to be the talk of the town where excellent service is concerned you’ve got to act fast.


All the jobs need to be logged, monitored and controlled. And don’t forget accuracy and precision.


Serfy can help you manage your issues and tasks in one window. With the aid of online platforms you’re able to achieve the following:

  • Quick access to workloads
  • Adding new jobs to the list with ease
  • Picking the ideal team to cover the job
  • Specifications on what exactly the job requires
  • Pick up on any unpredictable changes
  • Devise strategies to rectify problems

And with many aspect digitalized—even request coming from clients—misunderstanding and delays can become less of a problem.


Don’t be a victim of human error. Let field software management software relieve some of your frustrations.


How Quickly Can Your Teams Be On Site?

Knowing what needs to be done is only half the job. Getting your workers to where they’re needed fast is when the real work begins. Any delays and the customers call someone else. It’s that simple. In the past managers have had to juggle tasks such as scheduling and dispatching for employees to service customers.


An efficient system will help you:

  • Track where your workers are
  • Arrange for them to be on site as quickly as possible

Once on the job they need to know exactly what they’ll be doing.


Serfy can help you manage your issues and tasks in one window including figuring out the best professional suited for a particular job. With the aid of online platforms you’re able to rank your workers according to their:

  • Expertise
  • Location
  • Availability

A bonus is your crew doesn’t have to check in at the office to get the specifications of the job. There’s software available to help them:

  • Access tasks in real time wherever they are
  • Report immediately if there’s a problem

This way you get real time notifications and updates:

  • Tasks completed
  • Outstanding tasks
  • Tasks that need urgent attention
  • If any material has run out
  • Pictures of progress or problems

All the above will ultimately improve the turnaround time on your service delivery.



The last thing you need is your workers not having the resources they need to effectively carry out a task. From inventory tracking to vehicle tracking Serfy can help you manage all these elements with ease.


Disaster strikes when you’re caught unaware because workers have run out of materials on the job. To avoid this you can have a mobile app in place to notify you immediately:

  • On which materials are in stock
  • When to order
  • When to expect delivery

This can all be done by making your suppliers part of the Serfy network.


Having this information available will help you make the necessary arrangements including:

  • Arrange with a courier company to transport the required material
  • Notify clients if you need to move deadlines

Clients are usually happy to wait if they’re warned well in advance. This is how you stay one step ahead in the game. And that brings us to the next point.


Client & Tenant Management

In any business as much as you try to be on top of your game there are bound to be challenges. Even challenges that might cost you a client! It all boils down to communication.


Effective communication equates to a happy customer. Any setbacks and changes in deadlines—even if a worker is stuck in traffic—need to be communicated quickly so clients or tenants can plan accordingly.


Field service management software has devised innovative ways for you to engage with your clients and tenants. When systems are automated & integrated this means information is available to customers on demand. They can use it to:

  • Raise any issues they’re not happy about
  • Make any changes to a job ticket they deem necessary
  • Add suggestions
  • Get real time status updates

Studies have shown that 89% of customers want to see modern technology applied to their scheduling. Most would actually pay a premium for it! Serfy can help you by increasing your efficiency while pleasing your customer. It’s a win-win for everyone.


In a nutshell field service management software makes your business more agile. If you want to stay in business give your competitors a run for their money. It’s your time to shine.

About the Author:


Povilas V. Dudonis is a serial entrepreneur and likes to dig deep into methods and processes of business operations to find ways to reach maximum performance