7 Ways Quality Content can Enable Unlimited Customer Growth


Is it about surviving or growing?
If you’re running a business I bet you don’t dream of simply getting by. The motivation for starting a company is usually to dominate a certain market.
Do you see this as a feasible option?
In modern market circumstances you won’t experience the necessary growth without quality content.
Consumers are too dependent on:

  • Information available online
  • Reaching service providers via social media
  • Finding what they’re looking for 24/7

Do you offer solutions in all these areas yet?
And don’t think consumers are easily placated. They demand quality information and feedback in return for their loyalty, support & payments.
If you can harness the power quality content carries you’ll keep customers happy. But you’ll see an additional benefit. Your audience will grow.
Are you excited yet? These tips will help you realize this in your business.

  1. Content Impacts Loyalty

Your business will grow through loyal customers. You must know the value of word of mouth. But is your current customers talking about you yet?
Yes your content can prompt your customers to talk about you more.
Customers only promote service providers they can trust. They want to know:

  • You are an expert in your field. Post blogs or informative Ebooks. These showcase your experience and knowledge.
  • Your services or products are of a high quality. Creating detailed content about your products show people exactly what they’re purchasing. This enhanced knowledge builds trust that adds to people’s loyalty to you.
  • Other people in the industry trust you. People love references. Your content must include:
    • Reviews by experts that show their support.
    • Feedback from other clients talking about your benefits.

This type of content confirms to current clients that they’re correct in trusting you. When they trust you enough they want their friends to benefit from your services too. This is when people start talking about you.
The benefit is the internet makes even word of mouth more dynamic. Sharing your information on social media platforms is more powerful than simply talking about you during a social visit. One share becomes public knowledge.

  1. Content Turns Visitors into Supporters

What happens when these people act on friends’ recommendations or shared information?
You need to help new visitors become your loyal supporters too. This can be done via content too.
Once again these individuals look for content to confirm their suspicions. They suspect you can fulfil their needs. Is this true?
Different types of content are needed for this process:

  • Contact information: If people can’t find your details they’ll reach out to your competitors. Your online content—as well as any printed material you create—must include detailed contact information. An online contact form is even better.
  • Calls to action: Does your content invite people to engage with you? This is how you start building a relationship with new customers. People want personal service but online content means you don’t even have to meet in person. Any one of these actions will enlarge your customer data base, increase people’s commitment to you or result in a sale:
    • Request they make purchases
    • Ask for contact details
    • Invite them to subscribe to an email list
    • Call on them to submit a review
  • Information: Before new customers commit to your services they’ll do some investigation. They want to know they’re purchasing the best items on the market. Make sure your content offers them all the information they search for. If they have reason to look for information elsewhere you may lose them to competitors. The first purchase they make will already make them more loyal to you than others.
  • Feedback: Your content can include feedback from other parties. This information—from objective sources rather than yourself—strengthens visitors’ belief in you.
  • User friendly processes: Does your content allow for a user friendly process? The moment something becomes unclear—such as payment or delivery options—people navigate to other sites. Ensure your content helps them execute decisions fast. A first purchase is a vote of confidence in your business.

Visitors who find all these features in your content are bound to develop into loyal supporters.

  1. Content Increases Traffic

You won’t grow your business by sticking to your current supporters. And you can’t expect your customers to do your marketing for you.
The popular way people find new service providers these days is through the internet.
Does your content help you increase online traffic?

Be Found
Make it easy for your content to be found online. For this search engines’ algorithms must rate your content as excellent quality:

  • Use correct keywords for SEO
  • Write grammatically correct content
  • Only post original content

Can you see it’s not simply about offering exceptional service?
Your content determines whether people will ever find out about your services. You can’t simply create a stunning website. You must ensure new people view it regularly.

Get People Clicking
One other way of driving traffic to your online content is through social media platforms. This can be lucrative since the platforms are so popular.
When you add some of these features to your social media content you’ll draw more traffic:

  • Entertainment
  • Educational information
  • Graphics and videos that draw attention
  • News worthy posts

Once they’re on your website you must also keep them engaged. You don’t simply want traffic. You want a visitor to become a customer.
This is where #2 comes in.
eCommerce allows you to do business online. But customers in your area may visit you in person once they’ve vetted you—through viewing content—online. Make sure your physical traffic benefits from your online content.

  1. Content Gets You Noticed

Your content must stand out among all your competitors’ online information. Are you succeeding in this goal?
People are given content from many sources. If you pick the best way to communicate your content will win.
Success in this regard is dependent on your creativity. Can you harness these methods to put together the best content?

  • Graphics: Visual representations are more popular than text. You’ll have more people engage with content if it contains graphics or photographs. The content included in a graphic will also be remembered easier than text.
  • Videos: Videos are even more popular than pictures. The added medium of sound makes it enticing and memorable. Movement also draws attention. Keep in mind that videos take longer to load. Don’t overuse them as they may cause lag.
  • Design: Believe me people judge you on your website the moment it opens. Did you pick the correct theme?

Content is more than the words you put together. It’s also how you package these words to your audience. Your message will only get noticed when you use the correct mediums.
Investing in these methods is worth the time and costs. It turns you into a worthy competitor.

  1. Content Keeps Customers Happy – and that’s what You want

Is content there to tell customers how amazing you are? No.
Content must give customers what they want. And they simply want to know how you can fulfil their needs:

  • Do you know why FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) are seen on so many websites? Because customers hate waiting. You know what your customers ask a lot. Provide the information online so anyone can refer to your content. If they don’t have to visit you or make a phone call to get information they’ll be happier customers.
  • How detailed are your online product descriptions? When people shop online they want the same benefits they get when standing in a store. Make sure you provide it:
    • Specifications about services and products.
    • All varieties, colors and sizes available.
    • Payment options available.
    • Pictures to confirm what it looks like.
    • Videos can demonstrate its uses.
    • Warranties applicable to each product.

Are you using content to its full potential? You can limit enquiries—and complaints—to your customer service centre. Simply ensure your online content gives customers all they need.
Today’s society is used to fast service. They don’t want their time or money wasted. When your site provides detailed information—which saves people time—they won’t navigate elsewhere.

  1. Content Educates You

It’s not only about what your content does for your customers. You can also benefit from it.
You’ll never be finished with studying your customers. People’s needs and their environments change. You must make sure you supply what they need today. I promise you it’s different than a year ago.
How do you stay one step ahead?
Your content will show you how your customers change:

  • Analytics programs show you which parts of your website content are the most popular. You can see how long people spend on pages or which buttons they click on most. If this changes over time you must adjust your marketing angle.
  • What type of social media content gets the most traction? This will teach you about your customers’ interests. It’s important to post content on a variety of topics so you can determine preferences.

You’ll never know everything about your customers. But you can learn enough to stay in control of the situation.
Discover what your current clients love most about you. You’ll see most of your customer growth with similar people. To catch their attention you must talk about—create content—what they find relevant.
By learning from your content’s impact this process becomes easier. Apply what you’ve learnt in marketing and other content for optimum growth.

  1. Content Sets You Apart

Content is all about what customers are after.
One thing customers want is being part of the best. If you’re seen as the best in your field you’re bound to attract more support.
People also prefer doing business with individuals they can trust. This applies to:

  • You as a person
  • You as an expert in your field

The internet it the most popular place people look for information regarding these aspects. The detail they find about you must boost their trust in:

  • Your skills
  • Your business’ ability
  • Your experience
  • Your character

Yes people can post anything they want online. But you have control over certain aspects of your— and your business—online presence. Are you utilizing these?

  • Your LinkedIn profile can showcase all your skills and experience. This is an important platform for anyone in business.
  • You must show your network. How are you connected with other trustworthy individuals and experts in your field? You gain respect by being associated with the correct people. This can happen through:
    • Showing LinkedIn connections
    • Postings on your website or social media platforms by other experts
  • Publish content that showcases your expertise. This can be:
    • Blogs with quick tips for the general public
    • Ebooks that help other people understand a certain topic
    • Videos where you talk about the subject you know
  • Make sure the images—photographs—that accompany your information also place you in a good light. This doesn’t mean you have to be fake. People who don’t know you won’t always understand the context of an image. Prevent confusion. Create the correct information and context by replacing random photographs with professional ones.

This information helps you grow in two ways:

  • Other experts will get to know you. If they want to network with you it boosts your online profiles.
  • Customers will see your information and know who they’re dealing with.

Even though the content is about you the outcome is customers will trust you more. Trust develops into loyal support and word of mouth marketing:

  • Strangers become visitors
  • Visitors become supporters
  • Supporters become loyal
  • Loyalty prompts them to draw more strangers

Can you see the constant cycle quality content helps you manage?

Do you feel more in control of your customers’ perceptions? It’s easier when you understand the impact your content makes. There’s no reason your business can’t grow. The internet puts you in touch with a much wider customer base. You simply have to align your content with what they’re looking for.

About the Author:


Povilas V. Dudonis is a serial entrepreneur and likes to dig deep into methods and processes of business operations to find ways to reach maximum performance