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With technology transforming all aspects of society, are healthcare systems really functioning as they should in this modern age? You’ll agree with me that one of the most important goals of this niche is to reduce morbidity and ultimately mortality.


Do you see improvement where you’re active in this industry?


Swift response is critical in healthcare. Bear in mind when we talk healthcare we’re not only referring to public hospitals but also private clinics, mobile clinic services, patients as well as caregivers.


Managing all these moving parts that make up the healthcare system can be pretty challenging. It’s important the right information, people and supplies are where they need to be. Not only where they’re needed but when needed.


Thankfully with the introduction of field software management software a new way of achieving these becomes possible.


Let’s see how.


How Efficiently are You Serving Your Patients?

How long do your patients wait for their turn to be served? Are there long winding queues?


With the number of patients that use mobile healthcare services opening files and capturing information can take a lot of time. Are you doing this efficiently and when working with repeat patients is their information readily available?


Not only does their information need to be captured but is it being done accurately? Digitalizing data comes with the following advantages:

  • Cutting down on time worked because there are more automated features and less manual tasks
  • Improved turnaround time in serving patients
  • Avoiding unnecessary delays because of lost or misplaced files
  • Accurate data capture

Not only will this system benefit the patients but capturing staff members’ information also becomes a quick step in managing your services.


Management of Your Staff Workload

How well are you managing your staff workload? Do they know the tasks they’re supposed to do on a particular day?


Having an online system in place that enables staff to easily access and track their daily tasks will go a long way in achieving the following:

  • Increase productivity thanks to fewer questions; everything is on hand all the time
  • Duplication of duties can be avoided

Online scheduling is important so everyone knows what they’re supposed to be doing and when. The last thing you need is a doctor accidentally booked for two procedures at the same time. It basically comes with the following benefits:

  • Improved scheduling
  • Less confusion
  • Access to the schedule for everyone involved

Are there enough doctor and nurses on duty? You can easily manage your health workers’ timetables and duty rosters with Serfy.


Staff/Patient Management

Are your patients treated well? Is there an easy system in place for them to report their grievances?


You can put a hassle free system in place to make this possible for your patients. The feedback will help you devise strategies to better your service delivery system.


Serfy can help with a client management system which is not only confined to patients but staff members can use it as well. This way your staff can easily report any issues they feel need urgent attention. Your staff can use this system to get important information so they can effectively carry out their tasks.


This comes with the following advantages:

  • Staff can adjust their priorities as patients submit problems or queries
  • Increased productivity because less time is used talking to patients on the phone; everything happens online
  • Less conflict with patients because of unresolved problems; the system helps you manage it and reminds you what needs to be done

Are Those Test Results Ready Yet?

If you’re a small practice you might depend on other service providers to effectively treat your patients.


Here’s an example: If you don’t have a lab for conducting blood tests you have to outsource that service. Are the results coming back in time? Do your service partners know when to collect the samples from you? There should be a swift system in place for your partners to effectively communicate with you and report any issues.


This is possible with Serfy and will bring you these benefits:

  • Easier planning of pick ups and drop offs
  • Effective work order management
  • Real time feedback so you can inform patients when results will be available

Do You Have Enough Supplies?

There is no denying the importance of having medical supplies readily available at any given time be it drugs, gloves or syringes. Running out of any of these can be detrimental—even fatal—to your patients’ health.


You don’t want chronic patients coming to collect their medicine and you have to turn them away because their medication isn’t there. All this can easily be avoided by having an efficient task outsourcing system in place.


Here’s what you need and this is what Serfy provides:

  • An efficient system to easily communicate with your medical suppliers.
  • Tracking when they’ll be arriving with the next batch thanks to real time updates.
  • Effective communication with courier companies and patients.
  • Fast invoicing and payments so you can focus on important tasks.

Mobile Health Workers Management

With the introduction of mobile healthcare workers comes the challenge of effective management. You need to communicate with them to help them fulfil their duties but meetings waste time.


With Serfy’s platform your healthcare workers will be able to access their daily tasks online without necessarily coming to the office.


Are you able to track their performance and progress throughout the day? Serfy can help you track your staff members as well as get task status notifications in real time for increased efficiency. You can get information on the following:

  • Work completed
  • Outstanding tasks
  • Any challenges with patients
  • If they’re running late in which case you may have to reassign a task

After completing their duties your mobile workers won’t necessarily have to check in physically to give and get the necessary feedback. They can do so by using the following

  • Online chats
  • Mobile app feedback

This will consequently cut down on travel costs and help your workers visit more patients instead of wasting time at the office.


Field service management software is the solution to manage your organization’s daily tasks. You’re guaranteed efficient use of resources and this puts you in a much better position to effectively deliver quality healthcare. That should be your focus—not administration or logistical challenges—and that’s what technology helps you achieve.

About the Author:


Povilas V. Dudonis is a serial entrepreneur and likes to dig deep into methods and processes of business operations to find ways to reach maximum performance